[Product Review] Vitamin C Toner by Joyal Beauty

I’ve actually reviewed Joyal Beauty’s Eye Cream before and really liked that it really did work the way they said it would. It is still my go to eye cream and I still believe in the opinions on that product I shared till today.

This time I was looking forward to review their toner because their eye cream really worked for me, and I was wondering if they would live up to the standards that had already been set by the eye gel. All I can say was, I loved every bit of it.

Here the description of the Vitamin C Toner for Face By Joyal Beauty:

Joyal Beauty Vitamin C Toner

  • THIS 100% NATURAL 100% VEGAN ORGANIC TONER HAS EVERYTHING GOOD TO SKIN BUT 0% CHEMICALS! Organic Witch Hazel, Vitamin C, MSM, Aloe Vera, Neroli Hydrosol, Glycolic Acid from Sugar Cane, Yucca, Spirulina, Sage, Pomegranate, Kelp, Gotu Kola, Cranberry. This Amazing All Natural Toner Even Has No Preservatives! It Is Naturally Preserved by Anti-fungal Herbs-Usnea and Lichen! Each Ingredient is 100% Good and Safe On Your Skin!
  • BEST ORGANIC WITCH HAZEL TONER+VITAMIN C TONER+ALCOHOL FREE TONER. This Organic Witch Hazel Toner Has More Anti Aging Functions Compared With Other Ordinary Witch Hazel Toners. WITCH HAZEL:Tighten skin, Eliminate Water Loss, Reduce Inflammation, Control Acne, Help De-puff Under Eye Baggage, Tighten Pores, Control Oil Production, Ease Symptoms of Eczema and Psoriasis. VITAMIN C: Brightening, Anti-wrinkle, Anti-spots, Anti-aging.
  • SUPERCHARGED WITH 17 HERBS, VITAMIN A,B,C,E, MINERALS. THIS FACIAL MIST IS SKIN’S HEALTHY “MULTIVITAMIN DRINK”. Spray It To Your Face Daily, Your Skin Will Become Soft, Smooth, Bright, Balancing, And Naturally Brilliant!
  • SMELL GOOD, FEEL GOOD. No Artificial Fragrance. This Toner Smells Wonderful For Its Slight Natural Floral Neroli Hydrosol. Neroli Can Tone and Balance Skin, Calm and Sooth skin, and Calm Spirit and Anti Stress. You Can Spray It At Home, Office, On-the-go, to Make You Feel Good and Pleasant!
  • MULTIPLE USES FOR ALL SKIN TYPES,FOR MEN AND WOMEN: Used as a facial toner after cleansing to build a perfect skin pH balancing level; Used as a facial mist anytime for soothing hydration; Used as men’s aftershave care to calm the skin; Used as herbal treatment for common skin disorders such as acne,eczema, psoriasis,blackheads,pigmentation; Used as safest anti aging antioxidants liquid for anti-wrinkle, anti-spots, and photo-protection.

What I think of it?

This toner is so easy to use! I bought many toners before, but were just too lazy to use them. I always either have no idea where my cotton pads are or accidentally splashed the toner and made a mess. As if there wasn’t enough steps in a skincare routine, I still had a mess to clean up after that. It just made me skip the toning part and went straight to moisturizer.

What I loved about this toner:
1) After bathing or washing your face, just close your eyes and spritz all over. And you’re done. It dries quickly. Only once or twice I had to dab at my eyes with a tissue for over spraying.
2) I didn’t detect any strong scent which is good since my nose is a little sensitive.
3) It is alcohol free, so it doesn’t sting or dry your skin.
4) You can really detect a difference. Maybe its because I have been using too many el cheapo toners before. I rarely detect any improvements in my face with toners, which is why I decided to skip that step altogether and save my money. I’ve been spraying these for the past few days, and my face really seems brighter.
5) It is made of all natural ingredients and doesn’t have all the nasties that we should avoid. Completely chemical free.
6) Made in USA.
7) Non aerosol spray.
8) It does what it claims: balance the skin, boost hydration, minimize pores, even skin tone, revitalize and refresh.

I foresee having a bottle of this in the fridge which is great for refreshing myself when I am feeling sleepy. This is like the good version of the Evian Spray that most of us have heard about. I’ll definitely have this in my bag during summer vacations. There are so many ways to use this because it is not drying, you can literally spray it on multiple times a day. I love it. I still hate the packaging, but I love Joyal products so far, they impress me with the results. Would I buy this again? Definitely.

Go check out the Vitamin C Toner for Face By Joyal Beauty

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