Ambronite Drinkable Supermeal Review

The world is constantly evolving and everything is happening quicker and faster. These days, most things are like served to our doorstep as quickly as possible. Amazon Prime’s 2 day shipping, fast food drive through and deliveries. Even food for our dog, Cupid, is prepared quick and easy with the healthiest options available. We feed him The Honest Kitchen Revel Chicken and Whole Grain Dog Food and it comes dehydrated, all we needed to do was to add water and it is ready to eat. We rotate among the different flavors for him to have a mix of different flavors so that it doesn’t get boring for him.

Some days as I prepare the food for him, I actually wondered if there was a similar food available for humans that we just have to mix with water and we get the maximum amount of nutrients that is easy to eat. I want food that is not just fast and easy to make, but to have it all natural and in the most nutrition that I can get in a cup. I thought about the options available in the market, and many times while shopping on Amazon & Costco, I was very tempted to throw a tub of protein powder in my cart just so that I could use them as meal replacements after a tiring workout or when I’m hungry at night, which happens a lot.

Ambronite Supermeal Review

I was really quite excited to try Ambronite, because of all the information that I’ve read on it. Their slogan: The world’s first organic drinkable supermeal that fulfills daily nutrition recommendations in 2 minutes. I received this sample box for review purposes.

Whats in the sample box:

Ambronite Sample Box

There were 5 packets of Ambronite in the box, together with 2 water bottles, a welcome flyer and a nutrition guide book, that explains the ingredients in Ambronite and the story & team behind it.

I had just done my workout for the day and I really pushed hard in it. My entire body is sore and I’m feeling lazy to cook a meal. Initially I wanted to drink this in the morning, as a breakfast to start the day, but since its a supermeal that’s supposed to replace any meals with ease, I thought why not have it for dinner today?

Nutrition facts that is on the back of the packet:

2015-12-09 18.39.30


I prepared the meal with the instructions listed on the back of the packet. 550ml of filtered water in the bottle with 1 packet of Ambronite. Then shake it to the beat of Taylor Swift’s song.. Ok, I added that myself, but here’s the song for your enjoyment. Its kind of stuck in my head right now.

What it looks like inside the packet:

2015-12-09 18.42.40

You can literally smell the nuts and rice bran upon opening the packet. I love nut milks and this got me really excited. Not so sure about the rice bran part though.

After mixing:

Ambronite Review

How did that turn out?

I thought about this carefully, and tried my best to compare the nutrition worth and the taste. But this did not work out for me. I made it through to 3/4 of the bottle before calling it quits. I do think that Ambronite needs to refine their recipe to taste better. I could not get over the grainy taste. Each mouthful was powdery and I found it hard to drink. The taste was also rather bland. I guess the creators did this as a base mix for us to blend with our favorite fruits. My blender gave up on me awhile back and I was not able to try blending this with fruits or hemp milk. Then again, for it to be convenient, it should not need a blender to make it taste better.

Again, this Supermeal is filled to the brim with maximum nutrition that our body needs. I think that’s perfect, and with a little tweak in the powder, maybe adding Acai or more berry powder might help. Maybe it takes a couple of packets to get accustomed to the taste. Alternatively, my suggestion would be to make Ambronite into snacks. I can see myself using this to bake and making superfood bars or Supermeal cookies, which will definitely taste so much better. I still have 4 packets, and I may just experiment with it.

Would I buy this again? Unless the company changes the recipe, the Ambronite, sadly, is not for me. I love my food and value my health. I have a greens powder that I drink regularly, and while its not the best tasting drink in the world, I’m still able to down the whole cup. For something to replace the real food that I prepare I home, I need it to have a bit more flavor or a drinkable texture.

Thank you Ambronite for giving me this sample box for review. While I’m not a fan of it now, trust me, I love what you’re on to, and I’ll be following your progress. Hopefully the next products you come up with will suit me better.

The above is my opinion of the Ambronite, everyone has different tastes and opinions in terms of nutrition. They have a huge following of raving fans which I’ve seen from the videos on Youtube and online. Do check out their website HERE.


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