[Product Review] La Magie Hair Organic Fast Growth Serum

I had gray hairs since the age of 4. Not 40. Its 4 years old when I started noticing my roots starting to lighten up. And at that age I never knew what was going on, except that, my father had the same condition as me. I was only growing gray hairs at the center of my scalp and it was spreading along the line where my hair parts.

I started dying my hair at the age of 6, and have been doing that almost every 3 weeks to 1 month since then. Needless to say, my hair & scalp is pretty damaged, yet there was nothing I could do unless I was willing to face the fact that my hair will resemble that of a skunk if I left it for 4 months. My scalp is very sensitive and sometimes hurts and feels raw to touch.

About 2 years ago, I have started researching more on natural products and have since change all my skin & body care products to the chemical free and natural versions. Except for hair dyes, which I can only get ammonia free. I’ve tried numerous products to nourish my sculpt because I know through all the years of bleaching and coloring, plenty of damage has been done. I know for sure that essential oils play a big role in hair repair as well.

I was provided a bottle of La Magie Hair Organic Fast Growth Serum for review purposes.

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Here’s the product description from the company:

  • DRAMATICALLY EXPERIENCE HAIR BEAUTY! Comes in a silk bag with bookmark for directions. An organic farm in the USA created this amazing healing blend with earth-friendly, aromatherapy. Luxurious beauty secrets from Mother Nature blended with modern laboratory precision at La Magie®. Organic Argan oil from artisan farmers in Morocco nourishes and makes the shaft supple
  • STOP HAIR LOSS: EXPERIENCE INCREDIBLE HAIR – Organic Pumpkin seed oil offers broad-Spectrum DHT Blockers which inhibit DHT formation (which causes hair loss) through its effect on 5-alpha-reductase activity.
  • EXPERIENCE HAIR REGROWTH: DRAMATICALLY SEE HAIR THICKEN AND GROW! Rosemary herbal extract deeply cleanses the hair from buildup of shampoo, conditioner residues and any dyes (does not GROW hair, other EOs do that)
  • WATCH THE SOLUTION WORK AS THE PHOTOS TO THE RIGHT SENT BY HAPPY CLIENTS PROVE. Lavender Absolute has a higher concentration of esters than lavender essential oil providing a healing environment.
  • WATCH AS YOUR HAIR GROWS! Secret essential oil blend of 15 oils (less than two percent very safe and gentle) which are part of La Magie’s solution which actually assist hair and create thicker hair. There are absolutely no artificial fragrance, color, additives, or impurities.
What the oils look like in the bottle. (Excuse my wrinkled palm.)
What the oils look like in the bottle. (Excuse my wrinkled palm.)

What do I think of it?
I was very excited to try this product because it uses essential oils to help repair the hair and scalp. It aligns with my skin & body care beliefs and it smells really good!
I agree with the other reviewers that it can get a wee bit too oily sometimes. But it is something within your control. A little goes a long way, so spray a little bit at a time and rub it in well before spraying again. After awhile it does get heavy on the hair, which is why instructions recommend that you apply it, wait 30 mins, then shampoo it off. Like all other natural products, it does take some time to see the effects of this, but I already love that my hair looks better visually and smells good! I’m sure its something the husband wouldn’t mind!

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