[Product Review] Omega-3 Supreme 1400mg Fish Oil

I wanted to take omega 3 supplements because of my recent run with eczema. It started on one of my fingers and then spread to the other fingers as well as the back of my hand. There has been several days where I wake up in the middle of the night due to the itch and it got even worse now as the atmosphere gets dryer. There is also many other added benefits that comes with omega 3s, which is known to help: joint health, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, promote healthy heart functions and reduce inflammation.

I take alot of chia & hemp seeds now which already has plenty of omega 3s, but I still feel the need to have additional supplements for times where the body needs an extra boost to help keep it running smoothly.

Life & Food Omega 3 Supreme Review

Here’s a description of the Omega-3 Supreme Fish Oil 1400 mg :

  • NUTRIENT RICH ★ Our concentrated fish oil contains over 75% Omega-3s (1050 mg Omega-3), superior compared to other brands with 70% and LOWER. Our Omega-3s contains ABOVE the daily minimum requirements of 1,000 mg (1g) of Omega-3s with 644 EPA/336 DHA per serving.
  • SUPERIOR PROCESS ★ MSC Certified! Our multi-stage fish oil Refining Processes allows us to produce the HIGHEST standard of purity in our fish oils. This includes COLD EXTRACTION, MOLECULAR DISTILLATION and FILTRATION. By removing unpleasant fish odor, taste, PCBs, chlorinated organpollutans and heavy metal toxins, we are left with the most pure and fresh concentrated fish oil
  • BETTER BODILY BENEFITS ★ Our Omega-3 fish oil is widely known for its vast array of health benefits.*
  • FINAL PRODUCT QUALITY TESTED ★ 3rd Party Tested (Labdoor Inc, Eurofins) for purity and Omega-3 efficacy. Made and manufactured in world class GMP certified facilities in the USA (with a Finalized COA). Quality and safety are a primary focus for all Life & Food branded products.
  • SOFTGEL ENCAPSULATION ★ Easy to swallow soft gelatin capsules with Enteric coating for maximum fatty-acid absorption and no fish burps. Enteric coated softgels has been shown to reduce uncomfortable and embarrassing “fish burps” that can occur after taking fish oil supplements, and secondly to increase the absorption of the Omega-3s by blocking the acid in the stomach from breaking them down too early in the digestion process, allowing you to experience maximum health benefits from the essential acids.

Omega 3 Capsules review

What I love about Life & Food Omega 3:
-Made in a FDA facility.
-Made in USA.
-Free of GMOs, gluten, egg, additives, fillers, binders, artificial ingredients, soy, milk, peanut, shellfish, stearates, sulfates, dioxides, or laurates.
-1400mg, thats alot!
-No fishy burps!
-Alot of the other omega 3 capsules are long, which makes it hard for me to swallow. This is a big capsule, but they kind of made it a chubby short capsule which is so much easier to swallow.
-Its a big bottle, 180 softgels.

It is a supplement after all, and will take some time to tell whether it works or not.
Overall, I like that this is a top notch quality product, that is reasonably priced for the quantity provided. I also love that they took into mind the issues people have with other Omega 3 supplements, (size and fishy burps) while creating their product. I would recommend this!

*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Check out the Omega-3 Supreme Fish Oil 1400 mg.


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