His Savvy Wife is a place to share the stories from my home and to encourage others to have fun in the kitchen.

Working with natural ingredients and preparing food mostly from scratch, the simplest ingredients can excite the palette if we know how to blend the flavors.

I share about my journey into alternative health and how I use it to improve my life. By sharing the right information, we hope to help everyone become a savvy consumer and make better choices in their home & life.

Some other facts about me….

Loves nature, wide open spaces. Horizons, and stars.

Spends most of her time in the kitchen. Likes to explore food from different traditions & cultures.

Enjoys traveling. Being in a foreign country and creating new experiences with the husband.

Has a huge list of desires, and a little OCD about lists.

Dreams BIG, and full of energy. Talks way too much.

Gets excited about everything.

You may contact me at natx [at] hissavvywife.com


What you will find here:

-Recipes of different cultures, backgrounds. Traditional and New age and maybe some fusion dishes.

-Gluten free experimenting

-Fermented Food.


-Desire List adventures.

-Nourishing meals

-Natural living.

-Homemaker’s life.

-Health & nutrition


I’m allergic to the following foods:

-Dairy milk





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