Ambronite Drinkable Supermeal Review

The world is constantly evolving and everything is happening quicker and faster. These days, most things are like served to our doorstep as quickly as possible. Amazon Prime’s 2 day shipping, fast food drive through and deliveries. Even food for our dog, Cupid, is prepared quick and easy with the healthiest options available. We feed him The Honest Kitchen Revel Chicken and Whole Grain Dog Food and it comes dehydrated, all we needed to do was to add water and it is ready to eat. We rotate among the different flavors for him to have a mix of different flavors so that it doesn’t get boring for him.

Some days as I prepare the food for him, I actually wondered if there was a similar food available for humans that we just have to mix with water and we get the maximum amount of nutrients that is easy to eat. I want food that is not just fast and easy to make, but to have it all natural and in the most nutrition that I can get in a cup. I thought about the options available in the market, and many times while shopping on Amazon & Costco, I was very tempted to throw a tub of protein powder in my cart just so that I could use them as meal replacements after a tiring workout or when I’m hungry at night, which happens a lot.

Ambronite Supermeal Review

I was really quite excited to try Ambronite, because of all the information that I’ve read on it. Their slogan: The world’s first organic drinkable supermeal that fulfills daily nutrition recommendations in 2 minutes. I received this sample box for review purposes.

Whats in the sample box:

Ambronite Sample Box

There were 5 packets of Ambronite in the box, together with 2 water bottles, a welcome flyer and a nutrition guide book, that explains the ingredients in Ambronite and the story & team behind it.

I had just done my workout for the day and I really pushed hard in it. My entire body is sore and I’m feeling lazy to cook a meal. Initially I wanted to drink this in the morning, as a breakfast to start the day, but since its a supermeal that’s supposed to replace any meals with ease, I thought why not have it for dinner today?

Nutrition facts that is on the back of the packet:

2015-12-09 18.39.30


I prepared the meal with the instructions listed on the back of the packet. 550ml of filtered water in the bottle with 1 packet of Ambronite. Then shake it to the beat of Taylor Swift’s song.. Ok, I added that myself, but here’s the song for your enjoyment. Its kind of stuck in my head right now.

What it looks like inside the packet:

2015-12-09 18.42.40

You can literally smell the nuts and rice bran upon opening the packet. I love nut milks and this got me really excited. Not so sure about the rice bran part though.

After mixing:

Ambronite Review

How did that turn out?

I thought about this carefully, and tried my best to compare the nutrition worth and the taste. But this did not work out for me. I made it through to 3/4 of the bottle before calling it quits. I do think that Ambronite needs to refine their recipe to taste better. I could not get over the grainy taste. Each mouthful was powdery and I found it hard to drink. The taste was also rather bland. I guess the creators did this as a base mix for us to blend with our favorite fruits. My blender gave up on me awhile back and I was not able to try blending this with fruits or hemp milk. Then again, for it to be convenient, it should not need a blender to make it taste better.

Again, this Supermeal is filled to the brim with maximum nutrition that our body needs. I think that’s perfect, and with a little tweak in the powder, maybe adding Acai or more berry powder might help. Maybe it takes a couple of packets to get accustomed to the taste. Alternatively, my suggestion would be to make Ambronite into snacks. I can see myself using this to bake and making superfood bars or Supermeal cookies, which will definitely taste so much better. I still have 4 packets, and I may just experiment with it.

Would I buy this again? Unless the company changes the recipe, the Ambronite, sadly, is not for me. I love my food and value my health. I have a greens powder that I drink regularly, and while its not the best tasting drink in the world, I’m still able to down the whole cup. For something to replace the real food that I prepare I home, I need it to have a bit more flavor or a drinkable texture.

Thank you Ambronite for giving me this sample box for review. While I’m not a fan of it now, trust me, I love what you’re on to, and I’ll be following your progress. Hopefully the next products you come up with will suit me better.

The above is my opinion of the Ambronite, everyone has different tastes and opinions in terms of nutrition. They have a huge following of raving fans which I’ve seen from the videos on Youtube and online. Do check out their website HERE.


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[Product Review] Talon Bluetooth Headset

This surprised me! I’ve already reviewed some other Bluetooth earbuds before but the sound quality from this baby surpasses all that! This made vacuuming the house more fun! I was playing dance music and getting my groove on. Housework just got so much easier to get done. :)

Most of you would have already known by now, that I love blasting music when I’m working on my household chores. I mostly get Bluetooth headsets or Bluetooth earbuds to help with that because I can’t have any wires around me when I’m elbows deep in cleaning. I can’t workout without music as well. The rhythm and the beats are the fuel to push myself harder, to throw my frustrations on the ground.

Talon Firebird Noise cancelling Bluetooth Earbuds

What I loved about this product:
– Light weight. When you’re wearing something in your ears for long hours, the weight does become an issue.
– Fits well. It comes with a plethora of additional sizing that helps adjust the size of the ear buds to fit your ears comfortably.
– Sound quality. The sound quality is really good. I’ve tried listening to different genres of music, and all of them played well.

What I didn’t like:
– The buttons. They are really small and are on the side of the ear buds. It does take sometime for me to find it. I usually end up being frustrated and pluck it out of my ears to hit the buttons.
– Position of the mic. The mic is on the earbuds itself. With other headsets i am able to position the mic closer to my mouth when in noisy surroundings. But with this, there is nothing I can do to help the other party hear me clearly.

Talon Firebird Noise Cancelling Earbuds review

Who is this best for:
It depends on what your priority is. If you’re looking for an affordable earbuds with good quality music, this is the one for you. I would also say that this is great for exercising because of the additional support that helps hold it in place. If you intend to use this mostly for talking, this might not be the one for you.

*I received this product heavily discounted/free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Check out the Talon by Firebird Premium Noise Cancelling & Sweatproof Earbuds


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[Product Review] Go Muscle Roller Stick + Tips on dealing with muscle soreness

I used to avoid the gym because I’m not a very athletic person and I feel intimidated going to the gym because everyone there looks so fit! I was worried about what others would think of me if I entered the gym and can barely last 15 mins on the treadmill. That would be crazy embarrassing! Yes, I was pretty self conscious, and I have no energy for cardio, my cardiovascular system would collapse if you asked me to run a race. My health was a mess all through the earlier parts of my life.

I started out working out at home, following youtube videos and getting workout dvds, and those worked for me really well. I get the muscle burn with just a few simple workout equipment and doing body weight workouts. But of course, I was not really committed to following a schedule of workouts and kind of just did it whenever I wanted to. Today, I still am not. I try to fit in 2 to 3 workouts per week, short 30 minutes workout with weights just to keep my muscles working and feel that soreness. :)

Confession: I’m addicted to feeling soreness in my body. Sometimes, I push myself harder than I should, just to feel it the next day. Does that mean I’m a sadist or what? 😉

Sadist or not, here are some ways I deal with sore muscles the day after a good workout:

1. Epsom salt soak.

Believe it or not, this really works. I didn’t believe it at first but wanted to try it for my eczema. Epsom salt soaks were also known to help improve sleep, so I bought a           bag out of curiosity and to have an excuse to soak in the tub more often. Somehow, because of the salt content (I haven’t researched that deeply into this yet, but I                 will one day, and report back.) it helps the body relaxes and after the soak, you will feel very ‘light’. As in, your body is relaxed and not stiff. On the days that I do have           my Epsom bath, I always sleep so much better. Even the husband does this regularly now. And he rarely enjoys long baths, but since we got that huge bag of salts in             the bathroom, he helps himself to it. 😉

2. Stretch regularly through the day.

When I wake up feeling the workout I did the day before, the first thing I do is give myself a good stretch, and that usually means, doing the same moves I did for cool           down the previous day. I take regular breaks through the day and stretch about 3 to 4 times, varying my moves to work on the muscles groups that I’m feeling the                 pain in. This usually helps the muscles recover faster.

3. Muscle Roller

You’ve probably read about this before, its all over the fitness websites and everyone is talking about it. Some people use the foam roller, and some use what I’m                     using now. The muscle roller. It works very much like a baking pin whereby you hold the roller by its 2 handles at the side, and literally roll over your muscles. It may           seem like a simple device, but DAMN, this works. Its like a massage you can give yourself anytime, and because of its length, you can use it to reach almost every part           of your body.

Here’s a sneak peek for the muscle roller that I’m using, and what I think of it.

Muscle Roller Review

*I need to add this disclaimer that while I was given these products in exchange of a review,  I believe in writing in honesty and integrity. If I didn’t like something, I would not have written about it, or if the company was not upholding its claims, it will not be on my list of recommendations. I am known for my strict requirements before I am willing to put my money or words down on  a product, so unless it works to its claims, I will not talk about it. It is very important to me to stay true to myself while writing these out or it will just become an advertising blog and this is not what I want. I have tried all these products personally and put them to the test over time before writing these reviews. 

A quick snippet of description from the company:

Whether you’re a gym rat, an athlete or just a fitness enthusiast, you must be overly familiar with the notion of muscle soreness after such an intense, brutal workout session. Most of the times, you might be too lazy to warm up before exercising, and feel too drained to do a proper recovery stretching afterwards. Ah, if only there is an easier way… Well, who says there isn’t? With a godsend like Go Muscle Roller Stick (TM), you can enjoy muscle relief no matter where you are!

Go Muscle Roller Stick (TM) can be used pre and post exercise to increase blood flow to certain areas of your body such as neck, back, arms, and shins. The practice of regular massaging will release trigger points and muscle tension, often times with immediate results. It prevents cramps, improves blood circulation, and promotes faster recovery. If you suffer from any kind of muscle pain or distress, this roller stick is certain to provide you that much needed relief.

All the materials used are of superior quality, so this muscle roller stick is guaranteed to stay by your side for ages to come. You can easily throw this stick in your gym bag or purse, thanks to its light build and convenient size. Moreover, the rubber handles ensure effortless use. Just press, roll, repeat!

Length: 17,5″
Color: Red
Color: Grey

Muscle Roller

My thoughts on this?

This is probably one of the most favorite thing to come home to besides my husband and my dog, Cupid. Seriously, I have been using this way too often. When I sit at my desk for too long. The next day after a tough workout. After a long day of housework. This is awesome. I am able to massage places that are hard to reach. It is completely foolproof. Just take it out, and roll like you would a baker’s rolling pin.

Best invention ever. Much better than getting the husband to massage for you, because this roller stick does the job without complaining. Oops! 😉

It got my lower back well, my thighs, glutes and calf the day after my leg workout. The only place I have yet to get right is my upper back which I am finding it slightly harder to angle my arms to roll it properly. I do use it to gently hit my neck and shoulder muscles to loosen them up after a day on the laptop.

I love that its simple, sturdy, and gets the job done.

Should you get it? If you have been experiencing aches and pains around your body and feel like you need a massage, try this. Its a small spend for something that you can enjoy everyday. This thing is made for durability man! I’ve been dropping it from the sofa (sometimes I fall asleep after a good roller massage.. 😛 ) And it still works at 100%!

Click here to check out the Go Muscle Roller Stick™

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