[Product Review] Getting organized + Panda Planner Review

December came too fast! In a blink of an eye, we’ll be preparing for 2016. Part of my vision for 2016 will be to live intentionally, to work towards my purpose, my goals, and to get outside of my comfort zone. Keeping things as simple and easy will definitely help since my upcoming projects for this website is starting to take more time and requires commitment from my end.

One of the reasons why I started doing product reviews is because I find that this will greatly help other homemakers in building up their home. Our homes come bare, and it is the items and tools that we get help make our lives better, or easier. These product reviews are part and parcel of helping you make the right choice in finding the items that are for you.  I usually list the pros and cons of an item and what it is good for, to help you make a better decision when deciding to purchase something in a similar category.

With everything that I am trying to squeeze in a day, and with all the upcoming ideas that I want to implement, and all the scraps of paper I have jotted stuff down on, I have seriously come to terms with me needing to get my day organized. While I am already using apps to help me plan my days, I still find it hard to focus on things that I need to get done. I always get distracted by social media and all the random things that happen. Yes, the shiny object syndrome. Yup, I’m that girl with 15 to 20 tabs open on her Google Chrome. Sigh.

I’m a lists person, and I make lists for everything I can. I enjoy ticking stuff off my to do list because it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something, very much like completing daily quests in games. (Oops! the gamer geek is back!) I have a lot planned for 2016 and it requires me to be organized to follow through. I love challenging myself in all areas of my life, because when I get through that, I always come out a stronger person.

Panda Planner Review

I am so thankful to have this opportunity to review the Panda Planner. It is really simple and is in line with what I am planning for 2016.

I love the different sections in the Panda Planner, which I break down and share in the Panda Planner review on YouTube! Yes, I created a YouTube channel to share reviews of stuff that I receive, as well as to do unboxing videos, and to share my hauls! I am not so comfortable with getting in front of the camera yet, but we’ll see, I’m trying my best!

Here’s the flip through I did for the Panda Planner

What I loved about it:

  • It is a pen and paper journal/planner which allows you to really pause and think through what you want to focus on for that day/weekly/monthly.
  • I love that it has reviews for daily/weekly/monthly, which makes you sit back to reflect on what you did well and what you would like to improve on.
  • The size is just perfect with enough sections to write stuff down.
  • The flow of how the pages are created. It is a top down approach from monthly reviews, to weekly, and then you go into micro managing your day.
  • The structure is great too because on the daily pages you start with gratitude, followed by what makes you great today. I love quotes & affirmations, and having to write that down and see it through the day just gives me a daily mantra to repeat in my head.
  • The whole flow of the planner is positive, habit forming journal that helps you focus and boost your productivity which is a necessity for success.

What I didn’t like about it:

  • There was only 92 daily pages, 17 weekly pages, and 6 monthly pages. This means that if I were to log into this book every single day, this would only last me 3 months, which is the equivalent of 4 books a year. Each planner cost $24.97. A year’s worth would be almost $100. Not really too cost effective.
  • I like having an entire year in a book because it allows me to put all my schedules in one place. Depending on this planner would mean when I get to week 85 onward, I may have to carry 2 planners out just so that I can jot my notes and schedules that I have planned in advance.

I do think if you lead a busy life or if you are looking to really transform and 10x your productivity in the coming year, a planner is needed. Which planner to use really depends on your objectives and what you want to focus on and how much you you are willing to spend on it. Planners range from the simple buy online and print off your printer, to the beautifully leather bound books. Are you using a planner now? How do you organize your days? Share with us in the comments below.

Check out the Panda Planner

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