[Product Review] Jump Rope Crossfit Set By Shadibody

Woop! Its a brand new year and with every new year, new resolutions come into play. Most people would say, to kick off a fitness routine in a brand new year, in hopes of following through with it and emerging a brand new body. The thing is, most people forget that life does get in the way, and whenever these happens, we fall off the bandwagon. For me, is traveling. I prioritize time with friends and my husband more than anything else. That is the main reason why I chose to be a stay home wife. To be in control of what I spend my time on, and to make sure that I give time to those I care about.

In 2015, I managed to stick to a routine of working out at least 2 times a week, whenever the husband was away, I was able to work it up to 4 times a week. However, towards the end of the year, when the holiday season came, which is still happening now, all the traveling and feasting, Netflixing, and cocooning indoors have led to some weight gain, and I’m seeing my muscles loosing the definition I had before. :(

I’m so excited to receive this Jump Rope Crossfit Set By Shadibody to review. I’m sure this set will help me kick up my home workouts up a notch with the resistance bands and allow me to get my workouts done even while traveling.

ShadiBody Review

Here’s a quick description of Jump Rope Crossfit Set By Shadibody:

Short Intense Jump Rope Circuits are an Effective Way to Burn Calories Both During and Post Workout – Just 10 Minutes of Jump Rope Can Provide the Same Effect as 30 Minutes of Slow Cardio.
Perfect for Beginners, WOD’s, Cross-Fitness Training, Boxing, MMA Training and Much More!
–     Perfect Set Exercises guaranteed-High Quality Stress Free Product For Fast and Effective Workout
–     Suitable for all heights-Perfect For Children and Adults of All Height and Ages
–     Adjustable 7 inch red aluminum handles for maximum grip-Sturdy Material and Adjustable for Worry-Free Grip
–     Durable 15 ft long cable with extra cable included-High Quality Cable for Years of Use
–     2 Screw Handles Included  Carry Case for Tidy and Compact Portability Wire Cutter for Cable Adjustment Included
–     Fast Spinning-no cable kinking or tangles, just jump and enjoy
–     Perfect for Beginners and Advanced performance-develop or Master Your Skills, This is the Perfect Jump Rope set
–     Premium Quality Materials-Shadibody provides only qualitative products for your fitness investment

Shadibody Jump Rope Crossfit kit Review

What do I think of it?

I love this set of workout equipment. These items are just what I needed to start working out at home. The skipping rope comes with adjustable length and an extra set of rope to let you customize it to your height. There are 3 resistance bands that are of different resistances. These are perfect for working out when you are traveling or if you are trying to increase difficulty for certain exercises. I love using the bands for working out my thighs and glutes. I use the bands around my thighs and do walking squats.

These whole set comes with a drawstring bag for you to carry your equipment in, and 2 sweatbands to use while you are exercising. I was so happy to get the sweatbands inside, because I have carpeted flooring and I was trying to avoid having my sweat drip all over my carpet. Despite using exercise mats, there’s still a chance of sweat getting on the carpet during the more vigorous exercises.

I really love this exercise kit and would recommend this for anyone who are into fitness but are usually held back because of traveling. This is small and compact, but enough to work up a good sweat and tone up the body.

*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Check out the Jump Rope Crossfit Set By Shadibody


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[Product Review] Sprouts Cold Remedy

As luck would have it, winter is here, and so is the cold and cough season. Almost everyone around me seems to be feeling under the weather. As for me, I’ve caught the sneezes, that have not extended into a flu yet, but I’m trying everything I can to prevent that.
I love herbal remedies because instead of suppressing your symptoms, they help to heal your body inside out. I’ve been trying to build a natural medicine cabinet and this is a great addition to it. Over the last 5 to 6 years, I have been researching and building up on creating a natural home environment. Most of the products in my home are eco-friendly and I go organic whenever I can. For coughs, flu and cold, I usually rely on Elderberry syrups and Chinese herbal drinks as well as Vitamin C to help relieve the symptoms and enhance recovery.

Sprouts Cold Remedy Review

I’m so happy with this recent addition to my medicine cabinet. This is something new to me, so big thanks to Sprouts for providing me this Sprouts Cold Remedy  for review purposes.

Here’s a quick description from the company:

  • Sprouts Cold remedy is a unique blend of natural herbs to relieve cold symptoms
  • Relieves heavy Congestion, cough. Extremely effective for a Sore Throat
  • It stimulates healing in a safe and speedy manner.
  • Made in a GMP Certified facility Kof k Kosher Certified
  • 2 oz liquid bottle with dropper 59 servings per bottle amount per serving 1ml (25 drops) in 2 oz of water

Sprouts Cold Remedy listed the following as ingredients:
– Echinacea purpurea Herb, Red Root, Green Tea Leaf, Elderberry fruit, Thyme herb, Red Clover Herb, Myrrh Gum, Mullein Leaf, Ginger Root.
It also contains vegetable glycerin and deionized water.

2015-12-01 15.26.07

What I think of it?

It smelled herbal but just a slight tinge. The smell reminds me of chinese herbal medicine, but not as strong. The instructions were simple, to dilute 25 drops into a cup of water. I used filtered water. I could barely taste the herbal supplement! I tried taking a drop of it directly on my tongue, and it tasted sort of sweet. It actually tasted very good, reminded me of herbal lozenges. I really liked that it was so simple to use, and the taste was easy to take. I usually have to boil chinese herbal infusions to get over my colds and cough, so this is a nice change, that tastes good, and so easy to use since they have infused and concentrated the herbs into a bottle, all you have to do is dilute it and drink up.

This bottle is good for 59 servings, which is plenty. I take this in combination with Vit C, lots of water, and sleep to help my body recover when feeling under the weather. It worked for me this week. :)

Check out the Sprouts Cold Remedy for Common Cold, Sore Throat, Congestion 

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[Product Review] Primary Health Sports Compression Socks

I wore this to bed last night! It was way cold yesterday and my legs were sore from a workout I did last night so I thought, what the heck, lets try and see if I can wear this for long hours and still feel comfortable in it. I did not wake up once in the night and slept like a baby! :) :)

So what are compression socks for? If you’ve been following fitness trends, you’ve probably seen many people wearing knee high socks while working out. Some of them look pretty trendy, but most, look like what I’m wearing here.

I don’t know a whole lot on compression socks as this is my first time trying it out, now that I am focusing more on my health and fitness. I did a quick search and found this about compression socks from Runner’s World:

Previously found on the legs of diabetics and airplane pilots, compression socks have been making their way onto plenty of runners lately. Perhaps that’s because they’ve been shown in studies to stimulate blood flow, helping legs recover faster from a hard run.

Compression socks are used by runners in attempt to recover from hard workouts and races as quickly as possible. The snug-fitting, knee-high socks are meant to increase circulation and reduce lactic acid build-up. Some runners wear compression socks while training and racing, others use them after a run. Compression socks are notably popular among ultrarunners.

Compression or not, a bad pair of socks can ruin a run. It can cover your feet unevenly or fail to protect your skin from the chafing and excess moisture that cause blisters. Form-fitting knits and advanced fibers have made it possible to match different socks with where and when you run. No matter which you choose, virtually every new running sock is made with a blend of breathable materials—including nylon, polyester, wool, CoolMax, Lycra, and Spandex—that help keep your feet dry and comfortable.

I haven’t been working out a whole lot in the gym since I work out mostly at home, I thought using it after a workout, especially in this winter cold weather would be perfect for me. I was given a pair of these Best Compression Copper Socks  to review.

Best compression socks review

*I need to add this disclaimer that while I was given these products in exchange of a review,  I believe in writing in honesty and integrity. If I didn’t like something, I would not have written about it, or if the company was not upholding its claims, it will not be on my list of recommendations. I am known for my strict requirements before I am willing to put my money or words down on  a product, so unless it works to its claims, I will not talk about it. It is very important to me to stay true to myself while writing these out or it will just become an advertising blog and this is not what I want. I have tried all these products personally and put them to the test over time before writing these reviews. 

A quick description of the product I received from the company:

  • THE EFFECTIVE COMPRESSION provides excellent support to THE muscle and joints during sports to THE muscle and joints during sports, exercise or everyday activities.
  • Material – 83% Nylon , 8% Copper Yarn, 9% Spandex
  • LIGHT WEIGHT& GENTILE COMPRESSION for everyday use. Enhances blood circulation for Arthritis, Edema, Stress Fracture Relief, Exercise, Running, Basketball, and other Athletics.
  • Spandex prevents slippage and copper yarn provides anti-bacterial, anti-odor effect.

Wearing the Compression socks

My thoughts on this?

It is comfortable. It worked the way it described. It kept me warm and no sweaty feet. I think the place that it would shine for me would be on my next plane trip. I will definitely be wearing this to try whether it would help for the cramps & numbness in my leg between the cramped seats and also when I next go to the gym. I love that the length of this would probably benefit me now in winter. Also definitely going to bring this for our snowmobile trip.

Would I recommend anyone else to get it?

If you work out often and have sore muscles from time to time, try it! I do think that compression socks help to a certain extent. The number of lunges and squats I did yesterday, I expected my calves to be sore, but after wearing the socks overnight, I woke up to warm feet and no aches! The rest of my body was achy though. :(

Do they have like a compression suit? 😉 J/K.

Click here to check out the Best Compression Copper Socks .

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[Product Review] Tidy Globe Car Trash Bag

A huge part of my most memorable moments in the USA are when we are #roadtripping. Is that even a word? 😛

The long drives on the road are like driving through a film. Beautiful mountains and the wide, empty space of landscapes just fill your vision, one after the other. Long drives may seem like a hassle to many others, but for me, drives below the 2 hours range are great for connecting. Just chatting about random topics with the husband and friends. It almost feels like catching back on old times.

The thing is, before we start on the road, we usually stop by to grab some drinks and food for the road. The husband has been nagging at me for stuffing the side doors with all the wet tissues I use for cleaning up the messes, or the straw wrappers. Oops! We had to find a way to clean up and I was looking for a car organizer to fit the back of our chairs to keep everything in place.

Tidy Globe Car Trash Bag
The Tidy Globe Car Trash bag is installed in our car!

I’m very thankful to Tidy Globe for providing me this Car Trash bag for review. I literally tore it open and used it on the weekend it arrived because we were going on a 1 day getaway. The installation was super easy. I adjusted the head rest to its maximum height. Plugged it around the front passenger car seat, adjusted the straps to fit, and lowered the head rest. Done! It literally took me less than 2 minutes to install.

I’m using the photos from the company’s website to describe it because I was so excited to install and use it I forgot to take photos of it in proper lighting! I do have a picture of it installed in our car above.

vehicle trash bin

The trash bag is really well made. Good quality strong interiors. The interior is waterproof which doubles up as a cooler for summer. This also helps prevents spills in the car when you have food garbage. Yep, we’re all too familiar about what happens when you go over a bump and the paper bag lunch pops open. This holder keeps everything in place and protects your car from any liquids.

It is a really well thought out design with the many features that they had added in.


You can choose to line this bag with plastic shopping bags for easy removal and to protect the inside of the bag. There’s a strap with a hook at the bottom that you can hook on to the bottom of your car. This really keeps it taut and in place. It has a big mesh pocket in the front and 2 smaller mesh bags at the sides. The front pocket is just the right size for storing documents or small items that are tumbling around in the car.  I’m using those for my protein bars which I bring out whenever we’re out for a long time especially for our fishing trips and our winter snowboard/ski trips. I used the side pockets to hold extra bottled water for easy access when on the road.

The bag is pretty big and store quite a good amount of litter before it needs to be emptied. I’m so happy to have it installed now and have not heard the husband’s nagging to clear up the mess in the car. No litter lying around and my side doors are now finally used for the items that are needed within reach. Yay to car organization. I love the multi-purpose use of this and really can’t wait for summer to go fishing and use this to keep our drinks cool! :)

Would I recommend this? Yes! Only if you spend a good amount of time in your car or if you eat in the car, this will keep it clean and free from messy litter everywhere.

Click on the image to check out the Tidy Globe Car Trash Bag:

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Settling in

Took a long time for me to update this blog eh?

So what was I up to in the last 4 months or so to neglect this blog?


Yes. We relocated back to USA and I swapped my priorities to do things I wanted to in the last couple of months in Singapore. Then moving here, it took me a whole load of time to settle in, set up my home, and be finally used to a routine. That took me awhile. The home is still a mess. (as always.) But getting day by day as we sort out where each item is supposed to go.

Organization takes skill man. And we’re lacking of it. 😉

Over the last couple of months, in SG particularly, we totally got into fishing and could not stop heading over to ORTO whenever we were available. The fishes there put up a good fight and neither of us could resist the fight at the other end of the line. I was hooked on the possibility of pulling up a fish 1/3 my size that took up probably every fiber of muscle I had in my arms and completely using up my body weight to keep that fish on.  The thrill is always worth the wait. I was completely hooked on fishing there and then.

Due to the relocation, we spent our time catching up with family and friends, packing up our items, and preparing our home for rental. The usual sequence. Very exhausting, but as I always say, worth the hassle, because the life here in USA, is what we’ve always preferred. We have time to build on our relationship without the worry of bills to pay, or splitting our time with all the requirements and expectations that friends and family have of us. It is not that we’re shying away from our responsibilities. But there is way too many functions that is happening in Singapore that everyone wants you to be a part of, and half of it, we attend, because we “have” to. Cuz its the “social norms”.

We left USA in November 2012. Back then I was a crazy couponer and was happy with all the free stuff I was getting without worrying about the quality of the items I was purchasing. My house was constantly stocked to the brim with years of supply for toothpaste, hair dye, tissue papers, canned food, and junk food. Fast forward 2015, I started being more conscious about what I was using. After the eczema and lung infection incidents, coupled with my stomach issues, I have started paying more attention to what I bring into my home.

I tend to scan through every ingredient list, making sure most of it were environmental friendly or at least not as harmful to my body. I try to buy organic whenever I can. Coupon-ing wasn’t the way to go now since there’s hardly much coupons when it comes to health foods. Instead, the prices tend to be hiked up since they are mostly sold as “health foods”. I mostly shop at Costco now for the rebates, and Whole Foods for the variety of foods that I can access to. Tried shopping at Trader Joes in Boise last weekend, but the store was quite small, also, I had stocked up most of my groceries in Costco before that.

My obsession never stops! Just got another cookbook. Ever since we moved here.. I've been doing plenty of research and "…

Posted by His Savvy Wife on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

As mentioned, I’ve done quite a bit of shopping lately, tasting and playing around with new products. As well as getting some new cookbooks. 😉 *guilty as charged*

Lots of reviews, thoughts & comparisons, as well as some hacks for the home to make life easier and happier coming up.

Will also be doing an announcement of something I have been working on for awhile, but had to put aside due to relocation. And maybe a giveaway if I find something that you’ll like!

Till then, be happy and get savvy!

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