Some call it bucket list, I call them my desires. What I hope to experience in this life of mine. As with every goal, if you don’t write it down, its not firm, and over time you forget about it. My intention to write everything here to refer to it whenever I want to be reminded that every thing I do has to lead to one or the other. I may or not achieve all of them, but I have to try. I was inspired to do this list after seeing Annette’s extensive bucket list. Here’s where I’m going to start building on mine.

Keep on dreaming, cause when you stop dreaming, its time to die.

They say to dream big. And I will. You are never too old to try.


1) Register my own business.

2) Create multiple flows of income.

3) Create passive income so I am able to work from anywhere in the world.

4) Create an investment portfolio.

5) Own a vacation home.

6) Own multiple properties.

7) Generate income in trading.


1) Go for a family holiday.

2) Entertain the family with a full Thanksgiving dinner spread.


1) Eat local & organic.

2) Go on a health retreat.

3) Attend a fermenter’s festival.

Food related

1) Learn to cook nourishing meals.

2) Prepare fermented foods from different cultures around the world.

3) Choose a cookbook and cook every recipe in it.

4) Dine in David Chang’s Momofuku & Milkbar.

5) Dine in another of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants.

6) Dine at a vineyard.

7) Take a vineyard tour at Napa Valley.

8) Eat vegan for a day.

9) Prepare a Southern dinner.

10) Make fresh pasta.

11) Organize a group food swap.

12) Make cheese.

13) Make artisan pizza.

14) Visit a fruit farm and make food out of the harvest.



1) New York City

– see the famous bull on Wall Street.

– Statue of Liberty

– Nigara Falls

2) Hawaii

3) Maldives

4) Taiwan

5) South Africa Safari

6) Paris

– Effiel Tower

7) Italy

– Collosseum


1) Travel & stay in a caravan in USA.

2) Visit all the national parks in USA.

3) See a whale breach in the wild.

4) Spot a wild snake.

5) Get my arm tattooed.

6) Go on ATV tour.

7) Snowmobile tour in a park/forest.

8) See the northern lights.

9) Go fishing in the sea.

10) Catch a sturgeon.

11) Tornado chasing.

12) Live like a farmer for a day.

13) Hug a koala bear.

14) Salmon fishing.

15) Picnic at a nude beach.

16) Go skinny dipping.

17) Go on cruise with the husband.

18) Attend a Mardi Gras party.


1) Visit an orphanage.

2) Spend time talking to elderly in a home.

3) Buy a meal for the homeless.

4) Donate blood.

5) Fulfill one wish from a cancer patient.


1) Write a cookbook.

2) Make my own natural cleaning products for my home.



1) CMT certification

2) Alternative therapy certification.



1) Party in a Vegas club.

2) Watch a Live standup comedy.

3) Visit a Singapore attraction.

4) Enjoy a cigar with a glass of whisky.

5) Shoot a real gun.

6) Go on a helicopter city tour.

7) Ride a party limo.


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