My current favorite after lunch pick me up… Perfect for summers or the super hot weather in Singapore… I’m a label freak and whenever I see the sugar content in the 3 in 1 premix coffee, it scares me. Too much sugar for 1 cup! Not forgetting the tons of stuff they add in which I can hardly pronounce. Yes, I still take my morning hot coffee, alternating 3 in 1s and the Nespresso capsules.

I’m lactose intolerant, therefore making it harder for me to be able to just head out and drink the gourmet coffees that are available. I constantly have to ask if they can make my coffee with soy milk, or if they have lactose free milk available. In the USA, most shops have dairy free options as the education on food and nutrition is easily available there. In Singapore, not much. I’ve asked a few coffee places, and most of them tell me, “Sorry Miss, we are not Starbucks.” But… your prices are almost like Starbucks, so what is it that you are saying that Starbucks has and you don’t?

Omg, that was rant-y. Ok, so I came across the idea of making cold brew coffee, which is suppose to be more beneficial and gentler on the stomach.  The reason people use hot water to brew coffee, is because it accelerates the process and gets you on the go, fast. The heat also causes the coffee to become more acidic, which gives the coffee a distinct taste that coffee lovers enjoy.

If you notice, more coffee shops in the USA are starting to cold brew their coffee, and more products are being created for the cold brewer in mind.

Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee:

  •  Easy to make.

Try out the recipe I post below and you’ll see why.

  •  Less acidic – better for your body.

We all know how acidity is bad for the body, especially when you are dealing with illnesses.

  •  Gentle on the stomach

If you have a sensitive stomach like me, this is going to work well for you.

  •  Flavor.

You have a wider range of coffee to choose from. No longer limited to capsules coffee. Go for gourmet and enjoy the flavors from the variety of coffee beans available.

  • Less bitter.
  • Caffeine boost!

HELLO! Thats why I drink coffee. I’m sure this applies to all coffee addicts. Its like recharging your batteries.

Enjoy the recipe!

 Recipe adapted from chow.com

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If you’re like me, trying to cut down on sugar, this is probably the most convenient way to have ice tea all day.  Most of my friends would have known by now, I don’t have any sweet sugary drinks in my fridge, other than the beers my husband drink.

I love how I can switch up the flavors of tea by getting different types of tea. Green tea, strawberry tea, mango tea, blueberry tea, black tea, mint tea, chamomile tea and so many more! Yes, I have a pretty well stocked cabinet. :)

I used to buy canned/bottled green tea from the supermarket, but over time, the costs start to add up, and when I started learning how to read the ingredients and nutrition labels, the numbers just don’t add up. High sugar content and sometimes they do add preservatives. Why are we paying more to put crap in our body when we can easily make our own at home?

The quickest & simplest Ice Tea that you can drink all day, everyday. Did I mention CHEAPEST too?

You save money by not having to boil water for tea, save money by not needing to spend dollars on commercial tea.

You still get all the benefits of tea, and sometimes more, because there’s no heat involved, nothing is killed in the process.

This is like some sort of infused tea, and you get to drink it in your favorite flavors!