[Product Review] Lux Essentials Deluxe French Press Set

I’ve talked before about how I love to make cold brewed coffee and tea because they are so easy to make and less bitter too. You can check out how to make a cold brew coffee here  and it is super easy to make.

Today however, I made a hot brewed coffee in a french press. It was one of those days where….


I had my usual instant coffee. I thought of doing a Nespresso Espresso, oh the pun. LOL!

Instead, I decided to try the hazelnut cream grounds that I got awhile back, and make it a super concentrated brew, so says the SavvyWife take takes an additional 4 shots from Starbucks for every cuppa she drinks. Addicted? That’s an understatement.

I brewed the coffee with this Lux Essentials French Press Coffee Maker . Yep, that’s the quantity for me alone. :)

French Press Review

1) I love how this french press has some sort of like black plastic holder that goes around the entire class compartment so that you are able to hold it safely without burning your hands.
2) It comes with an extra replacement screen, I have not seen this in other french presses that I have bought.
3) They send you a coffee scoop as well, makes it easy for you to measure out the ground coffee for the amount that you need.
4) A full page instructions was included in the box, which I followed (and added 2 extra scoops of coffee for good measure.) and my coffee came out great.
5) The filter worked great, I didn’t find much residue in my cuppa, which is a great relief. Nobody likes drinking sandy coffee, if you know what I mean.
6) This is quite a big container so I love that you can make multiple servings in this and serve a few friends at a go.
You can easily brew cold brewed coffee in this french press, which is one of my favorite things to do.

1) The plastic holder that is wrapped around the glass compartment is hollow on the inside. Every time I wash it, water and soap gets stuck inside, and I can’t seem to get it out, except to wait for it to dry out. This might lead to bacteria accumulation.
2) Big container. If you have limited cabinet space, do note that this french press is quite tall. About 9 inches.

Overall, I like the usage of this, and am very happy to use it to brew loose tea and ground coffee. I love that I can brew a bigger batch at a time and chill the beverages in the fridge and drink them whenever I want to.

*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Check out the Lux Essentials French Press Coffee Maker

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Have a glass of Kopi-bucha (1)

This is the 26th post to the 30 ways with kombucha in 30 days that I have decided to take up for the month of September. You may read more about the ‘challenge’ I gave myself here. 

After the experiment on day 23 of cleaning that coffee machine, why not put it to use now and make the coffee connoisseur in you proud?

Yes! Its another coffee blog post! I want coffee flavored everything.

Its the only thing that keeps me going these days. While everyone else who thinks that being the ‘housewife’ means I’m very free to sleep and do whatever I please, I’m actually busier than ever. Experimenting with different recipes, preparing to blog and taking and editing photos. My to-do, to-read, and to-cook lists can officially be written into books. Not forgetting physical meetings, cyber meetings, and all the ‘work’ I have going on for me in the real world to bring some ‘dough’ home.

Its very different working for yourself & working for others. You bootstrap and work twice as hard as you strive to hit your goals. I work round the clock as long as my eyes can stay open. I’m usually up till 4am and awake by 9am to feed Cupid and start my day with housework. But the flexibility in my life now is exactly what I wanted and I will not change any bit of it. Everything is progressing the way I planned for, and I’m very thankful for the opportunities that come.

This ‘stay home’ wife only sleeps 5 hours a day. COFFEE is always on the top of my grocery list. Every.single.week.


Of course when I first saw Coffee Kombucha, I got very excited.

Kopi, also known as Coffee in Malay can also be used to make Coffee Kombucha.

Why it works? 

Kombucha is known mostly for being a form of fermented tea, with a SCOBY.  Kombucha tea is made from sweet tea, to which a starter (fermented tea) and a SCOBY, is added and allowed to sit and ferment at room temperature for the following 7 to 14 days.

The beneficial bacteria and yeast in the culture convert the sugar, tannins, and caffeine in the tea to beneficial substances for your body. Since coffee also has the tannins and caffeine that is needed for the kombucha to grow, it only makes sense if the coffee addict in me gave it a go.


There’s a few ways to make this.

1) Cold brew coffee – Refer to this recipe I made using grounded coffee, and brew enough for 7 cups of cold brew coffee

2) Using coffee machine – Prepare 4 capsules to make 4 espressos, after brew, add 5 cups of cool water to it and add to jar.

– Make sure the capsules you are using are not flavored coffees, this is to prevent any oils from the added flavors from affecting the growth of the beneficial                                                            bacteria.

3) Instant coffee – I will be demonstrating today’s experiment with instant coffee since this is more widely available compared to the above 2.

After the fermenting period, the Kopi-bucha comes out more beneficial and easier to drink. Its less acidic due to the fermentation. And it comes with double energy boost. And a delicious fizz.


Yes you heard me right, 1) because our brain is used to ‘energy boosts’ from coffee, and it tends to give us a ‘pick-me-up’ feeling. and now with the additional benefits from the regular kombucha, that is also known to be a energizer. Throw that 5 hour energy drink to the bin now, will you?

Have a glass of Kopi-bucha (1)

Take note that:

This will not work with decaf coffee as the scoby needs caffeine to grow.

You can add milk to it to make it a latte-bucha, but dairy milk will curdle. Nut milks or coconut milk will work better.

Its not recommended to use the same scoby for regular kombucha again. So use a spare SCOBY from regular kombucha.

If you enjoyed the first batch of kopi-bucha, you can consider converting it into a continuous brew.


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My current favorite after lunch pick me up… Perfect for summers or the super hot weather in Singapore… I’m a label freak and whenever I see the sugar content in the 3 in 1 premix coffee, it scares me. Too much sugar for 1 cup! Not forgetting the tons of stuff they add in which I can hardly pronounce. Yes, I still take my morning hot coffee, alternating 3 in 1s and the Nespresso capsules.

I’m lactose intolerant, therefore making it harder for me to be able to just head out and drink the gourmet coffees that are available. I constantly have to ask if they can make my coffee with soy milk, or if they have lactose free milk available. In the USA, most shops have dairy free options as the education on food and nutrition is easily available there. In Singapore, not much. I’ve asked a few coffee places, and most of them tell me, “Sorry Miss, we are not Starbucks.” But… your prices are almost like Starbucks, so what is it that you are saying that Starbucks has and you don’t?

Omg, that was rant-y. Ok, so I came across the idea of making cold brew coffee, which is suppose to be more beneficial and gentler on the stomach.  The reason people use hot water to brew coffee, is because it accelerates the process and gets you on the go, fast. The heat also causes the coffee to become more acidic, which gives the coffee a distinct taste that coffee lovers enjoy.

If you notice, more coffee shops in the USA are starting to cold brew their coffee, and more products are being created for the cold brewer in mind.

Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee:

  •  Easy to make.

Try out the recipe I post below and you’ll see why.

  •  Less acidic – better for your body.

We all know how acidity is bad for the body, especially when you are dealing with illnesses.

  •  Gentle on the stomach

If you have a sensitive stomach like me, this is going to work well for you.

  •  Flavor.

You have a wider range of coffee to choose from. No longer limited to capsules coffee. Go for gourmet and enjoy the flavors from the variety of coffee beans available.

  • Less bitter.
  • Caffeine boost!

HELLO! Thats why I drink coffee. I’m sure this applies to all coffee addicts. Its like recharging your batteries.

Enjoy the recipe!

 Recipe adapted from chow.com

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