Sneak peek into Cupid’s Bath Time! + Product Review for I Love My Dog Pet Shampoo

Woohooo! Thank you for all the new followers on the His Savvy Wife Facebook Page! We’ve just broken the 400 number. This little blog has been a little neglected while I was out focusing on making the most out of summer. I believe in living in the moment and being present in life, so I apologize if the neglect has left this space a little empty.

The good thing is…… winter and snow is almost here. While temperatures outside are almost freezing, I’m so happy to have this space to turn to and pour out my thoughts. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post,  the remaining of November will be compiling a good number of product reviews to share as we start preparing for Black Friday! I will also be compiling a post to help you prepare to get the best haul as the day comes nearer. And trust me, you are going to love this one. Lots of terms explained, and you’re going to want to get the most bang for your buck on Black Friday. I’m sure you’d like to find out how to compare the best places to get the products you are looking to purchase. It’s not that complicated if you take some time to work on it and compile a list on where to shop.

Don’t stress on that now, because I’ll give you a good checklist to work through.

She said I'm a good boy!
She said I’m a good boy!

As most of you already know, Cupid is a big part of my life right now since we’re home together every single day. He’s an active little 5 pound Chihuahua, who has a whole lot of love, protection, and comedy packed into him. While most people think that chihuahuas are house dogs and do not need to go outside, this little guy does loves his walks and is usually very focused on going the distance. We’ve gone for full 5km walks and further with him regularly and he goes through the whole route pretty well.

He gets a weekly bath because he loves playing in the grass and exploring the backyard. We try to allow him to get outside daily, but with the weather getting colder now, he does not like going out as much. He also sleeps with us on the bed, so his cleanliness is very important to us. He gets wiped down everyday before sleep, sometimes multiple times a day, whenever he goes out or dirties himself. I’m very particular about how he smells because I’m paranoid about having a house that smells like “dog”. I don’t know how to explain it, but I’m sure if you had friends who own dogs, you’ll get this.

I’m also very particular about what he gets in contact with. He’s a very small and curious dog, even the littlest harmful substance can hurt because of his size. I mostly get very gentle shampoos for him and will go through the ingredient list to make sure they are made of mostly all natural products. I’ve tried various neem shampoos, and even black soap, which is known to soothe the skin, but he still remained scratchy, sometimes to the extent he had hot spots on his skin.

I jumped on the opportunity to review I Love My Dog Shampoo when they offered. Neem is a herb that is known for its healing and pest repellent properties, while oatmeal is great for reducing skin inflammation and soothing the itchiness. Here’s the product description:

I Love My Dog Wellness Oatmeal & Neem shampoo is a great grooming product to keep your pet’s coat clean, healthy, and itch free!  Made with natural ingredients including oatmeal and pure Neem oil that naturally moisturize and sanitize inflamed skin and relieve skin irritation associated with flea and tick infestation. In addition, neem oil is a natural insect repellent, so it helps to keep insects away. This product doesn’t strip flea and tick topical preventatives. Very easy to foam and rinse out, the product also has conditioner in it – no need to use a conditioner after – it makes the washing process faster, so you will enjoy giving bath to your dog! There are no harsh chemicals used, it is soap, detergent, and alcohol free. Containing natural ingredients, the shampoo comes in a recyclable bottle and label, so it is good for our environment.  “I love my dog shampoo” doesn’t irritate skin and is perfect for dry and sensitive skin, as well as normal skin. It washes out all dirt, dust, and grease and keeps your pet smelling fresh for days, leaving fur/hair soft and shiny and skin moisturized. Works effectively on both short and long haired dogs. Keep your pet beautiful and clean with our product! Protect your pet from painful skin irritation and let them feel pretty and smelling fresh!

HIGH QUALITY DOG SHAMPOO formulated to make your pet’s skin and coat beautiful and healthy. It takes care of coat from roots to tips promoting overall wellness of skin and coat, removing bacteria and adding strength and shine
Leaves a LASTING FRESH SMELL for days
Contains NATURAL INGREDIENTS (oatmeal and neem) that soothe, moisturize, and sanitize skin; relieves irritation associated with insect bites. It also nourishes dog’s coat to be thicker, shinier, and healthier looking
EASY TO FOAM AND RINSE making the washing process easier and faster
SOAP, DETERGENT, and ALCOHOL FREE. The product is made of natural ingredients in the USA. It is also bio degradable and comes in a recyclable bottle

I love my dog shampoo review

What I love about it:

-alcohol free

-soap free

-detergent free


The outcome:

I’m glad to say we tried this shampoo over the weekend, and he’s hasn’t been scratching as much. There’s not a lot of bubbles, which I like, because I always fear that he would lick them or that it would go into his eyes. Its been about 5 days now and his fur is super soft and smooth. I love how it feels now and can’t stop giving him his belly rubs.

The only thing I didn’t like was the smell, but a couple drops of essentials oils would have solved the issue. Overall, I liked that he is scratching less now, and I find that its value for money. Its a very big bottle and a little goes a long way. I will continue using this after this bottle is finished.

I Love My Dog Shampoo Review

His favorite thing to do after a bath…. Doggy Swaddle. And then…. he’s off to get his after bath treat, and nap.

Question: Do you have a dog at home? Tell me about it..  Post your photos of your furbabies on our Facebook page…

What shampoo are you currently using for your dogs? And if you’ve tried I Love My Dog Shampoo, what did you think about it.

Leave your comments below!

*I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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She said I'm a good boy!

5 things I learnt from my Chihuahua

I’ve always loved animals & Mother Nature, hence the name, Natx. Notice the similarity there?

We’ve probably kept all kinds of pets that I’ve brought home. From those injured kittens downstairs, to breeding hamsters and mice, to the weirdest exotics.

When we started working and traveling, we avoided keeping any pets since we were unable to commit the time and care.

In March last year, a friend of mine needed help to care for a little Chihuahua. I hesitated because we were fishing alot at that time, which meant, being out for long hours.

However, he came at a very appropriate time. It was like the 3rd week of my husband’s detachment, and I was starting to feel lonely.

Cutting the long story short, I had the pup in my house that very night.

When the husband came back 3 weeks later, Cupid accepted him instantly. We decided we wanted Cupid in our lives. We adopted him in March 2014.

We’ve had him for almost a year now, and while he’s so little in size, he’s really big in personality! We’ve grown really attached to him over the year, and being the “pawrents” that we are, we only want to give him the best.

1) Live in the present.

Despite his history of not living in the best conditions. He came to me with ear infections, teeth & gum problems, and a fear of everything. I left his cage in the toilet the first night because it was filthy.

He barked the whole night out of fear. We took him to the vet to clear up all the health issues and gave him vacinations.

It took us awhile to open him up, to win his trust and to bring him up. He finally opened up and now he’s such an awesome little boy.

We named him Cupid, because he is just the perfect little angel of love. He’s always bouncing around, enjoying the sun, and chasing the other dogs in the park…. and… pawing at our legs for belly rubs.


Leave ur past behind.
Enjoy the present.

Lesson learnt: Live in the present. Whatever happened before, leave it behind and live in the now. Appreciate the moment and love those that love you!

2) Confront your fears.

This is really funny, whenever we see a bigger dog, he would strain to reach out to them. If he was leashed, he would bark first and be in a really aggressive position.

It doesn’t matter what the size of the dog was, his reaction was always the same. Sometimes when there are other familiar dogs in the park, we would unleash him so he could run and play with the others.

If he saw a bigger and unfamiliar dog, his first reaction would be to run up to their face and sniff them. Nose to nose. Then use his body to block them.

He’s done this to practically most of the dogs bigger than him. Only to sometimes run back in fear if they started chasing after him. He’s lucky most of the time, they welcome him in to the play, and he’s had plenty of fun with bigger dogs.

No more fear!
No more fear!

Lesson learnt: Confront the fear, you never know what the outcome may be.

3) Give Compliments.

I think most dog owners would understand this. When a dog first comes to your house, and you try to teach him the rules of the home, and any new tricks. We had the same frustrations in the beginning. Cupid peed in the room sometimes because he’s small and couldn’t hold his pee that long. I reached out to my fellow dog owner friends, and asked them what I should do. The response?

-Shove his face in the pee, he wont like getting dirty, and he will not do it again.

-Beat him with newspapers.

Erm… seriously? Firstly, why would I want to get his face in pee? He gets dirty and I wouldn’t want to hug him anymore! That’s just plain gross.

2ndly, he’s a chihuahua, would I injure him if I beat him? He’s so much smaller, and it would really hurt. Will he listen after that?

I know I didn’t listen when my dad beat me. How many of us listened when our Pops hit us? How many of us changed instantly on the first beating? I rebelled every time I got hit.

That was for years!

She said I'm a good boy!
She said I’m a good boy!

Lesson Learnt: We swapped our training to reward based training. Every time he did something right, we praised him. It doesn’t matter if he already knew that trick, we still praised him and gave him good belly rubs. The next time he does it again, we praised him even more and sometimes offer him a treat. This way he’s proud whenever he does something correctly, and tries to get us to see him in action.

I think this works with humans too. When people thank me for my work, or show appreciation, I actually feel good, and want to do more for them next time.

Try complimenting someone else for a change. Its amazing how much change compliments, and gratitude can do to human relationships.

A simple word of thanks, or a lunch treat can work wonders.

4) Socialize.

Usually when the husband goes for detachments, I shut myself in for days and just focus on things I want to get done. It gets me moody and a little grumpy.

However, after Cupid joined us, we started bringing him out for walks almost daily, whenever we can.

We love to see how much he enjoys the outdoors and also, walking does good for us too. When the husband had to go away again, I made it a routine to bring Cupid out everyday at 8am, and both of us enjoyed it so much.

I get a little sweat in, and Cupid gets to run in the grass for abit. Win-win! We both go home in a good mood.

You've got a friend..
You’ve got a friend..

Lesson learnt: We’re born social animals. Getting out and just talking to others, meeting friends over a meal. All these provide the human touch that we seek. Shutting yourself in, does no good to you, your mood, or your health. Go out & get some fresh air!

5) Persistence. 

Cupid is really good at this. Whether its getting us to carry him up the sofa, to feed him dinner, or to get us to play. He knows it all.

He would paw, and pester us, giving us the pitiful eyes. Whining, crying for 5 mins. If we continue to ignore him, he would walk away, lie on his bed for 30 seconds, and come back to ask for it again.

He would keep on doing this, until we give him what he wants.

Where's my food?
Where’s my food?

Lesson learnt: If you want something, ask for it and don’t stop until you get it.

Do you own a dog? What has your little furkid taught you?

Yes, I’m quite obsessed with him, he’s got such a cute little face!

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