IMG_7152 My 2nd attempt. The first attempt months back, did not go too well. I avoided it since. However, if you’re like me, going through an probiotic drought, and missing out on the goodness from fermented foods, this is probably the best way to start again. I had an active kitchen back in the States. By active, I meant cultures of sorts all over the kitchen. I had starters, scoby hotels, and all that goodies brewing in all corners & all counters of available space. I was consuming them, my health was getting better each day. My friends said I was running on batteries. I was full of energy and my mind was clear as day. Coming back to Singapore, my work consumed me. I had a cultured disaster. Or call it a culture apocalypse.  Mold took over my counters and I had to throw out every living bacteria I had in the kitchen. With nothing left and waiting for someone to send me new starters, my health didn’t get too well either. No, I’m not sick. Its just the energy levels felt low, and I go through a brain fog, once in awhile. A friend from my online fermenting groups suggested that I tried Sauerkraut. ( Thanks Ginger! ) Made from cabbages & salt, and given a little time, this lacto-fermented vegetables has proven to bring many health benefits, including:

  • Fiber from vegetables
  • loaded with Vitamin C & K
  • energy booster
  • strengthens immune system
  • live probiotics

The benefits of live probiotics is endless. There has been so much buzz in the natural/alternative health communities about taking the these products and enjoying the health benefits of it. I will share more on my research and experimentation on  that later on. But for beginners to the world of natural health, please try this with me. You need nothing more than a jar, salt, and cabbages. Simple & Nutritious. Exactly what I need in my life now. I’ll update here as the days goes so you can see the process with me. After 24 hours: Lots of bubbles. Cabbages rose abit to the surface and I pushed it down again. We want to keep them under the water level.

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Why I love iherb

I felt the need to write this one out after so many requests of what I order from iHerb and reviews of the products I am currently using. I thought its good to have a page that people can just immediately refer to. Note:  iHerb is having free international shipping till end of July 2014 with a minimum order of $40. 5% off if order is $60 and above. 

After a series of health & skin issues coupled with food intolerance in the USA, I have been consciously watching what I eat and use on my skin. I grew up normal and had never had any background or family history of any diseases. I’m pretty sure these can happen to anyone when exposed to chemicals over a period of time. Google on dairy & gluten intolerance and that should give you plenty of stuff to read about. I will eventually share what I did to overcome each of the issues I faced and why I chose alternative therapy over a visit to the hospital anytime.

iHerb has been a go to source for me every time I need to top up on my supplements/makeup/bodycare/organic food da da da. Yes, its my one stop shop. I’ve been trying to convert to all natural products for awhile now. I think eco-friendly is the word? The less chemicals you are exposed to, the safer it is for your kids or animals that you are living with. Chemicals can be absorbed through the skin when you bath. If you notice your skin feeling dry, scaly or have current skin conditions that you are taking medications for, make a switch and see the difference. I’ve tried it, that’s why I’m continuing it.

Their customer service is also one of the best. I’ve had my products arrive damaged once, due to the box being too heavy, almost 10kg to be exact. iHerb refunded me the money immediately after I sent them the photos.

Many people have been asking me how I do it considering every eco-friendly/organic product in Singapore is so expensive. An additional label that says “all natural” jacks up the price to twice of its competitors. iHerb is my answer. I have been ordering from them every month since I made the conscious decision to switch in 2011. It started with a few products, skin care mostly. Then when I started reading on GMO products, I started switching out most of my food. Now its my 1 stop shop for almost everything except for my perishable products.

I’ve compiled the list of products that I have ordered repeatedly and highly recommend. You will find them in my house at any point of time. Will do individual reviews later on, which I think helps when people want to see photos of product, the texture, colour and smell. I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different products, but these are products I have bought at least 3 times and still really love it.

If you compare the prices you pay here with the prices that you pay for normal shampoos in Singapore, its not necessarily more expensive. I did my comparison when I first came back. :)

Please use my coupon code  WRJ673  to get $10 off your shopping! :) 


Skincare & Body products

Jason’s Natural Biotin Shampoo

Jason’s Natural Biotin Conditioner

Great for hair fall/balding/scalp  issues without the medicinal herbal smell. I pair together with the conditioner and many have noticed my hair grows really fast.

Nutribiotic Skin Cleanser

Facial wash that doesn’t dry out my face. I like that skin feels clean without the tightness that alot of cleansers have.

Jason Natural Facial Scrub

Gentle enough to be used daily and smells awesome.

Jason’s Natural Body Wash, Mango

If you like showering like a luxury, and smelling awesome, this is the one we’ve been using for years. We switch between all the different flavors. Mango is the husband’s favorite so far. But we’ve now swapped to liquid Black Soap.

Dr Woods Pure Black Soap 

Read about the benefits of black soap and decided to order for my father in law’s eczema. I took some to try, and loved that it leaves no residue and skin is clean and smooth after. Best thing is, my FIL eczema is getting better. So I’m ordering more for all of us now.

Jason’s Natural Power Smile toothpaste

When you read up what fluoride actually does to your teeth, you will make the switch like me too.

Jason’s Natural Sea Fresh Mouthwash

The colour is abit off, but I love the fact that it is alcohol free. So doesn’t dry out the mouth. And you won’t feel the sting that Listerine gives.

Alba Botanica Shaving Cream 

For him. Smells great. Made of natural products. And best of all, its not made of metal products. So it doesn’t rust and stain my counters.

 Jason’s Natural Nail Saver

Used in place of cuticle oil. Has tea tree oil, perfect for fighting nail fungus or brittle nails.

Jason’s Natural Moisturizing Creme

I use this for my face moisturizer at night. Very light and non sticky. And its a life saver when we get sun burnt from fishing.

Herbal Armor Natural Insect Repellent 

Bought this because it was DEET free. And I’ve tried a few natural insect repellents before. This is the only one I’ve not gotten bitten before. I use this every time we go fishing.



Aubrey Organics Silken Earth

I don’t put much makeup, just moisturizer and a light dusting of this powder, draw my brows and I’m good to go.



Chia Seeds

Great source of omega 3, boosts energy, clears your digestive system. I take a tbsp of chia in my cereal/oats every morning.



Jarrow Formulas Probiotics 

One of the top selling probiotics. I take this in place of antibiotics to boost the body’s natural defense and also to help my stomach digest food properly. Great for people with food intolerances. This is a must have. Ideal for travel as it is individually packed. Great for sharing with family too. I also used this for my dog when he was having diarrhea, sprinkled it over his food.

Now Foods C-1000 Vitamin C  

My dad loves this brand. Bang for the buck he says. Have bought many tubs for him since. I’ve always been used to chewble & efferversent vitamin c but might switch to try this after I finish my supply.

iHerb Vitamin D3

If you have weak gums or sensitive teeth, pop 2 capsules of this every night before sleep, then thank me later.

Natural Factors CoQ10

Energy booster and great for cell renewal. I take together with vitamin d when my gums are giving me issues.

Now Foods Silymarin Milk Thistle

I take this once in awhile for a week and stop. Good for a light liver detox. Especially great for people with skin issues. It is a known fact that people who don’t detox properly end up with skin problems. I’ve given shared this with people and all came back with good results.

Omega 3

Brain food for me and my pup. Good for his fur too. So I add into his food sometimes.



Multivitamin for dogs 

I crush this and sprinkle it over his food daily.

Zuke’s mini bakes

Comes in fairly large sizes, I break them into half to give Cupid. He loves this. And I have hundreds to last me a long time.



Gluten Free California Almond Flour

Great for gluten free baking!

Coconut Flour

Also for gluten free baking.

 Organic Raw Cashews 

You can eat the regularly or for me, I soak and make cashew milk or cashew butter out of it.

Nature’s Path Organic Cereal, Gluten free

Love this very yummy cereal. I bought one in NTUC for almost $9+. So I’ll gladly order from iherb from now on.



This is a very comprehensive list of everything I own and you will see them around my home. You can see over the years my orders are getting bigger and bigger as I have been converting all my products to eco friendly ones. All the products are not tested on animals too, which is also one of the main considerations I made the switch too. The convenience of delivery too is a major plus for me since we don’t drive.

Now that you know what is good, tried, tested & recommended by me.. Happy shopping!

Have you tried iHerb products before? What are your favorites? Comment below and share with me!


  • This post contains referral links, which means I receive rewards if you are a new buyer to iHerb, and make a purchase using my links. You will also get $10 off  coupon code applied to your shopping.  However, every product reviewed was bought with my own money and none was sponsored. I’m just a happy customer trying to recommend them to friends to share the good health.