She said I'm a good boy!

5 things I learnt from my Chihuahua

I’ve always loved animals & Mother Nature, hence the name, Natx. Notice the similarity there?

We’ve probably kept all kinds of pets that I’ve brought home. From those injured kittens downstairs, to breeding hamsters and mice, to the weirdest exotics.

When we started working and traveling, we avoided keeping any pets since we were unable to commit the time and care.

In March last year, a friend of mine needed help to care for a little Chihuahua. I hesitated because we were fishing alot at that time, which meant, being out for long hours.

However, he came at a very appropriate time. It was like the 3rd week of my husband’s detachment, and I was starting to feel lonely.

Cutting the long story short, I had the pup in my house that very night.

When the husband came back 3 weeks later, Cupid accepted him instantly. We decided we wanted Cupid in our lives. We adopted him in March 2014.

We’ve had him for almost a year now, and while he’s so little in size, he’s really big in personality! We’ve grown really attached to him over the year, and being the “pawrents” that we are, we only want to give him the best.

1) Live in the present.

Despite his history of not living in the best conditions. He came to me with ear infections, teeth & gum problems, and a fear of everything. I left his cage in the toilet the first night because it was filthy.

He barked the whole night out of fear. We took him to the vet to clear up all the health issues and gave him vacinations.

It took us awhile to open him up, to win his trust and to bring him up. He finally opened up and now he’s such an awesome little boy.

We named him Cupid, because he is just the perfect little angel of love. He’s always bouncing around, enjoying the sun, and chasing the other dogs in the park…. and… pawing at our legs for belly rubs.


Leave ur past behind.
Enjoy the present.

Lesson learnt: Live in the present. Whatever happened before, leave it behind and live in the now. Appreciate the moment and love those that love you!

2) Confront your fears.

This is really funny, whenever we see a bigger dog, he would strain to reach out to them. If he was leashed, he would bark first and be in a really aggressive position.

It doesn’t matter what the size of the dog was, his reaction was always the same. Sometimes when there are other familiar dogs in the park, we would unleash him so he could run and play with the others.

If he saw a bigger and unfamiliar dog, his first reaction would be to run up to their face and sniff them. Nose to nose. Then use his body to block them.

He’s done this to practically most of the dogs bigger than him. Only to sometimes run back in fear if they started chasing after him. He’s lucky most of the time, they welcome him in to the play, and he’s had plenty of fun with bigger dogs.

No more fear!
No more fear!

Lesson learnt: Confront the fear, you never know what the outcome may be.

3) Give Compliments.

I think most dog owners would understand this. When a dog first comes to your house, and you try to teach him the rules of the home, and any new tricks. We had the same frustrations in the beginning. Cupid peed in the room sometimes because he’s small and couldn’t hold his pee that long. I reached out to my fellow dog owner friends, and asked them what I should do. The response?

-Shove his face in the pee, he wont like getting dirty, and he will not do it again.

-Beat him with newspapers.

Erm… seriously? Firstly, why would I want to get his face in pee? He gets dirty and I wouldn’t want to hug him anymore! That’s just plain gross.

2ndly, he’s a chihuahua, would I injure him if I beat him? He’s so much smaller, and it would really hurt. Will he listen after that?

I know I didn’t listen when my dad beat me. How many of us listened when our Pops hit us? How many of us changed instantly on the first beating? I rebelled every time I got hit.

That was for years!

She said I'm a good boy!
She said I’m a good boy!

Lesson Learnt: We swapped our training to reward based training. Every time he did something right, we praised him. It doesn’t matter if he already knew that trick, we still praised him and gave him good belly rubs. The next time he does it again, we praised him even more and sometimes offer him a treat. This way he’s proud whenever he does something correctly, and tries to get us to see him in action.

I think this works with humans too. When people thank me for my work, or show appreciation, I actually feel good, and want to do more for them next time.

Try complimenting someone else for a change. Its amazing how much change compliments, and gratitude can do to human relationships.

A simple word of thanks, or a lunch treat can work wonders.

4) Socialize.

Usually when the husband goes for detachments, I shut myself in for days and just focus on things I want to get done. It gets me moody and a little grumpy.

However, after Cupid joined us, we started bringing him out for walks almost daily, whenever we can.

We love to see how much he enjoys the outdoors and also, walking does good for us too. When the husband had to go away again, I made it a routine to bring Cupid out everyday at 8am, and both of us enjoyed it so much.

I get a little sweat in, and Cupid gets to run in the grass for abit. Win-win! We both go home in a good mood.

You've got a friend..
You’ve got a friend..

Lesson learnt: We’re born social animals. Getting out and just talking to others, meeting friends over a meal. All these provide the human touch that we seek. Shutting yourself in, does no good to you, your mood, or your health. Go out & get some fresh air!

5) Persistence. 

Cupid is really good at this. Whether its getting us to carry him up the sofa, to feed him dinner, or to get us to play. He knows it all.

He would paw, and pester us, giving us the pitiful eyes. Whining, crying for 5 mins. If we continue to ignore him, he would walk away, lie on his bed for 30 seconds, and come back to ask for it again.

He would keep on doing this, until we give him what he wants.

Where's my food?
Where’s my food?

Lesson learnt: If you want something, ask for it and don’t stop until you get it.

Do you own a dog? What has your little furkid taught you?

Yes, I’m quite obsessed with him, he’s got such a cute little face!

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The Bus Stop.


Its been crazy weeks for me. I sometimes think if I’m just about ready to crash from the insanely amount of things going through my head. The paranoia as if I don’t seem to have enough time to complete my stuff and the paranoia of not having enough money to live and provide for a better future. I’ve been working on multiple projects and tasks and its always never ending. The fact is, we do have enough, but I can’t stop when I still have the energy to work harder, and build something for my own.

When I resigned from my JOB and started become a Stay Home Wife. I knew life would be slightly harder and I need to keep at it if I wanted to get away the crazy corporate routine with a price tag to my name. I also wanted to make more time for my family and husband since we are all working on irregular schedules.

Last week was my Dad’s birthday and I popped over to have lunch with him. Through lunch, I sat down and had a good long talk/chat with him. After lunch, I wanted to rush home to focus on my projects and work and get some stuff done off my to-do list. Yes it is a long list. Also I wanted to get on the bus before 5pm to avoid the peak hour ride home. I had only spent 3 hours with him and made my way to the bus stop.

While waiting for my bus to arrive, an old lady sat beside me. About 75 to 80 years old. She had 2 teeth left. Her face wrinkled and her cheeks sunk in. Her eyes weary. She sat there watching the cars go by. I smiled to her.





I asked her what bus is she taking. I was afraid she couldn’t see well and might miss her bus. I wanted to make sure she was on her bus and on her way home before I left.

She said is not waiting for the bus now, she wanted to take a break because she had nothing to do at home.

We conversed in my broken Hokkien mixed with Mandarin while she went all out dialect. My limited understanding did not stop her from trying to describe what she was thinking. She was patient with me, talking and explaining when I didn’t understand.

She stayed in Ang Mo Kio, one of her kids stayed in the same block as her, a couple of floors down. She got married in China and came over here with her family. 5 siblings. Her brothers had looked after her as they came over, as she was just a little girl then. She’s mostly alone and home and her eyes were tired from watching T.V everyday. She wanted to “come out and walk around, at least some movement and exercise was better than staying at home. ” She enjoyed walking the nearby estates just to see how much these places have changed since her time. In her time, there wasn’t that many buildings.


I asked her about her kids. They were all grown ups and working or running their own businesses. None of them had time for her. She was afraid to bother them as well, since most of them were busy making money. She said her eyesight was good, and how she can see the buses very clearly. We started to play a number game where she would tell me the buses that were coming and I would tell her if she was correct or wrong.

Her eyesight were really good! She was right most of the time. We sat there talking, playing, chatting. Her stories intrigued me. The history, her emotions. Her eyes were like windows to her soul. She went through a lot. I felt my own eyes water as I sat beside her.

After about 45 mins, and multiple buses passing, she turned around and asked me, why I’m not getting up on the buses. I avoided her question and just smiled. The truth is, I wanted to spend more time with her. To help her pass her time with a bit more joy. She asked me what bus I was waiting for and started looking out for me. Like a mother would, she hustled me up the bus when it arrived. I gave her a big hug and wished her all the best as I turned to board the bus with tears rolling off my cheeks.

The 1 hour with her… taught me so much… And if there’s something to take away from it…
Spend time with your family. Talk to them. Sometimes its not so much about how much money we have or how much we spend on them.

They want our companionship. They want someone to talk to. They want a purpose to live instead of being at home waiting for each day to go by.

This came to me at such a timely moment. On my dad’s birthday, where I only spent a couple of hours with him, and left him to rush home for work.


It didn’t give meaning to why I chose to be a stay home wife.

The time with her definitely left me something to think about.

How I’m spending my time & who I’m spending it with.

I did managed to get a seat on the bus even though it was peak hour.

Reached home at 7pm, with a priority shift, and alot to think about.