I think many people do not make things from scratch because they are afraid of making it wrongly. A couple days back, my mum told me about drinking Lemon Honey and that she heard the benefits but she doesn’t know how to do it. She says she loves to drink some and her current supply, which she bought in a concentrated pre-made tube is finishing.

Many people may see my recipe as “So simple, don’t know why its even considered a recipe at all.” Sometimes I look at what I put up here, and in many ways, I feel embarrassed that its so simple, why do I even need to share it. You’d think all these are common sense, that everyone should already know how to do it.

But in this instance, no. Many people may match 2+2 =4. But there will always be doubters and because they are unsure, they would check it again with the calculator or even ask a friend. Then confirm the answer. Then there are others who’d rather buy from the store just for the convenience. So in every way, I try to keep the recipes as simple as possible here. Spending the least amount of time & ingredients, to recreate my favorite foods.

Why cannot just buy from store?

1) When you prepare your own food. You appreciate it more. You enjoy it and want to share it with someone.

2) You know exactly what went into it. Maybe I’m paranoid with ingredients. But do we really need MSG for yummy food? Or those preservatives just to keep the food for 2 years more, when I’m about to eat it tonight?

Many times, due to the fact that companies are trying to preserve food to give them a longer shelf life, is the very reason why we are suffering from food allergies. By making from scratch and cooking at home, we are enjoying food as close to the purest form as possible. The RAW diet is of course enjoying food in the purest form. I still cook my food. So not pure,  but you get the idea. :)

Again, what good is a recipe, if it looks so beautiful and so complicated that no one attempts them? 

I go through tubs of honey at home with all the food I have ongoing. I use approximately 1kg honey per week. I finished this tub while making this recipe, and not wanting to waste the remaining honey, I dumped in 2 green tea bags and pop the tub into the fridge. Take a look at my Quick & Easy Ice Tea recipe and you’ll see why. Enjoyed a nice honey green tea the next day. :)

Honey Green Tea

Being the fermentation enthusiast that I am, I made a jar of lemon honey for my mum and encouraged her to allow fermentation to take place before enjoying it.

For a thirst quencher during hot weather, stir a tablespoon or 2 of it into room temperature water. Do note that when you add honey to ice cold water, it tends to solidify and you will find it very hard to mix into your drink. Hot water kills all the good enzymes present in raw honey. Use room to slightly warm temperature to allow it to mix well first. Then add ice if you prefer.

Or if you start to feel an itchy throat coming up, a tablespoon of the honey will help bring a little relief.

Lemons are a good source of Vitamin C, alkalizing, and great for detoxing.

Honey is anti microbial and anti fungal. Great for skin, and indigestion. And it tastes so good!

I don’t know why would anyone not like to eat honey. That’s my sweet tooth talking.

There’s just so many ways to use this. The combinations are endless.

Again, take this as the most basic recipe, and add your own combinations!

Please share in the comments if you have one that you like.