Kombucha tips #25

Day 25: Cleaning the stove top

This is the 25th post to the 30 ways with kombucha in 30 days that I have decided to take up for the month of September. You may read more about the ‘challenge’ I gave myself here. 

Hate cleaning up? You’re not alone.

I’m gonna rant a little on this post. I hate cleaning my stove. I love cooking and eating the food I prepare. But I absolutely hate cleaning up. The husband knows it. We’ll always postpone the cleaning to later, after the show, or maybe tomorrow. Dirty stove top with stains, I’m guilty of it.

By now most of you would’ve known how much I hate the smell of chemicals. Maybe I’m a little obsessive compulsive. Every time  I spray these chemicals to clean my kitchen, I open all windows wide and turn the hood on to absorb as much of those chemical fumes as possible. The ammonia makes me feel suffocated. My eyes get teary sometimes. It doesn’t make sense to me that we are so afraid of contaminating the food that we use such harmful cleaners to clean the very area that we prepare our food in.

Think about it, the sprays we use to clean our stove and counter tops, how much chemicals are inside? Did you read the warning label? What happens if we ingest it? If the warning says if we ingest it in large amounts, we need to see a doctor. What happens when we ingest in the small amounts that land on our kitchen stuff as we clean up after our mess? what happens if it gets in our eyes? Or if your kids get their hands on it? Worst still, your pets consume it?

Has it ever occurred to you that these may be the reasons why we have cracked lips or stomach sensitivities due to ingesting the small amounts of these chemicals over long periods of time? Since moving into this home, I’ve tried to keep everything as chemical free as possible. I use enzyme cleaners for the kitchen. However, eco-friendly cleaners are usually more expensive and may or may not fit into the family budget. Its about time to formulate some all natural kitchen cleaner too.

In the last couple of weeks, through all these experimenting, we’ve found that kombucha vinegar works very well in cleaning many areas in the home. I wanted to put this to test on my gunky stove. That’s like THE ultimate test right? IF it can clean the stove, it can clean everything.

Kombucha tips #25

Here’s what you need: 

  • 250ml kombucha
  • 250ml water
  • dish soap/castile soap/black soap
  • 1 spray bottle
  • 2 cleaning cloths
  • 1 non scratch scrub pad
  • baking soda, optional

How to: 

  1. Mix kombucha, water and 2 pumps of soap in a spray bottle. Shake to mix well.
  2. Remove grills and loose parts from stove. Set aside.
  3. Spray liquid generously over stove top. Let sit for 15 mins.
  4. Soak grills, knobs and any other loose parts in basin filled with warm water. Add 1 cup of kombucha vinegar, and 4 pumps of soap of choice. Let it soak while you work on the stove top.
  5. 20140925_160309
  6. Use cloth to wipe off excess liquid on stove top. Use scrub pad to work on tougher stains. Spray more cleaning liquid if needed. For really tough stains, sprinkle baking soda on stain, spray kombucha cleaning mix and let it sit while you clean other parts of the stove.
  7. When you are done with all the stains, rinse first cloth, and wipe thoroughly with cleaned wet cloth. Take 2nd cloth and wipe entire stove top dry.
  8. Now, back to the sink. The soaking solution would have done most of the work by now. I usually just wash through the grills as though I’m washing the dishes. By now, the scrub pad gets whatever stuck on gunk off easily.
  9. Wipe dry with cloth and replace back onto the stove.
  10. And ta da~! No stinky-hurt-your-lungs-chemicals to breathe in. No dry skin on the hands from chemicals.

Tips: Add essential oils if you want cleaning to smell awesome! :)

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IMG_7152 My 2nd attempt. The first attempt months back, did not go too well. I avoided it since. However, if you’re like me, going through an probiotic drought, and missing out on the goodness from fermented foods, this is probably the best way to start again. I had an active kitchen back in the States. By active, I meant cultures of sorts all over the kitchen. I had starters, scoby hotels, and all that goodies brewing in all corners & all counters of available space. I was consuming them, my health was getting better each day. My friends said I was running on batteries. I was full of energy and my mind was clear as day. Coming back to Singapore, my work consumed me. I had a cultured disaster. Or call it a culture apocalypse.  Mold took over my counters and I had to throw out every living bacteria I had in the kitchen. With nothing left and waiting for someone to send me new starters, my health didn’t get too well either. No, I’m not sick. Its just the energy levels felt low, and I go through a brain fog, once in awhile. A friend from my online fermenting groups suggested that I tried Sauerkraut. ( Thanks Ginger! ) Made from cabbages & salt, and given a little time, this lacto-fermented vegetables has proven to bring many health benefits, including:

  • Fiber from vegetables
  • loaded with Vitamin C & K
  • energy booster
  • strengthens immune system
  • live probiotics

The benefits of live probiotics is endless. There has been so much buzz in the natural/alternative health communities about taking the these products and enjoying the health benefits of it. I will share more on my research and experimentation on  that later on. But for beginners to the world of natural health, please try this with me. You need nothing more than a jar, salt, and cabbages. Simple & Nutritious. Exactly what I need in my life now. I’ll update here as the days goes so you can see the process with me. After 24 hours: Lots of bubbles. Cabbages rose abit to the surface and I pushed it down again. We want to keep them under the water level.

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