Hello november

What? It’s November already?


Wait…. I can’t believe the months flew by so quickly. Maybe I was enjoying the outdoors too much in the warmer weather. Oh my, the wind blew in so quickly and now we’re already starting to go into freezing temps.

What does that mean for me?

Hibernation. I hate the cold. I’m happy outdoors and by the water. But throw in freezing temps, and I’m hiding.

The good news is, it means I’ll be staying home a whole lot more. Even better, it also means, the HSW (His Savvy Wife) experiments begin.

The lack of outdoors activities makes me stay home and find things to pique my interest, create food that excites my palates, and find new activities to keep me occupied in winter. While the husband is totally looking forward to snowboarding, the only thing for me in November, is Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I love getting deals. I love getting stuff at the best possible deals I can get. That’s what being savvy is all about right?

With the freezing temperatures outside, I’ve come up with a plan to start preparing for my Black Friday. Its supposed to be a themed month thing. But…. it just kind of hit me that we are 4 days into November. Double Oops!

So….. to help you guys plan for your Black Friday & Cyber Monday hauls, I’m coming up with daily reviews of products that I am using now, and what’s good for the Savvy Household that you’re creating in your own home. If you like them, add them to your carts. If you have no need for them, check through the other reviews I’ve made. Most of the products are great for every home, but of course, to each individual’s preferences.

The goal is to help you sort through the vast online marketplaces and focus on items that you need.

22 more days to Thanksgiving. 23 more days to Black Friday. 26 more days to Cyber Monday.

Time to get busy people! Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Product reviews start tomorrow!

Question: What’s on your list to buy to get this Black Friday?


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