Fast Food

Gotta admit, I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Opportunity only comes once, and I plan to grab anything that can propel me further.  I would still take it all up even if I’d have to sleep less or cancel all my appointments just to get some stuff done. It is the choices that I make that bring me the opportunities to better my life.

We’ve seen so many quotes that say, we need to stop being comfortable and just put ourselves out there. I kept saying that but I never really once took the action. When I lost a dear friend recently, it really hit home for me. Life is too short, if you want something, go for it. Don’t wait around for something to come to you. It will never come. You have to put yourself out there to get it.

He wasn’t able to fulfill all his dreams, or visit the countries we planned to go together. Time wasn’t in his hands. I still could, if I planned for it. I still could if I worked for it. I decided to just throw everything out there, grab and go forth with every opportunity I get, and see where it all takes me. People asked me, what my end goal is, why am I doing all these?

The greatest success we know, is to help others succeed and grow. I saw this quote and I decided to live by it, in whatever I do. My plan is to help as many people as I can, improve their lives and diet, by sharing the right information for them to make better choices.

Starting this blog was one of it.. Every time I posted a photo on my Facebook, I would have people messaging me asking me about the recipe, asking where I bought my stuff, asking me for a review, or even asking me about my travel. I’m glad I made the decision to put this up. Even though with my other projects I’ve been pretty tight on time, I am still working with food and creating recipes in my kitchen, so don’t worry! It will all be coming soon. After I get past this hurdle of work.

That said, thought of sharing some of the food that’s coming out of my kitchen lately. I love simple and pretty food that I can prepare in under an hour. I like to say I eat with my eyes and nose, so I need the food to smell awesome, while looking good. I love colours in my food. I love food that I can create with few ingredients, and done in under an hour. My kind of fast food!

Dinner.. Chicken claypot rice with sauerkraut on the side.

Chicken claypot rice with sauerkraut

Another lazy dinner that took me about 20 mins to prepare. On days like this, I don’t even bother to use my rice cooker. I just cook rice from the pot on the stove. Its faster and while its cooking, I just plan out the rest of the dish on the go. This is very simple to make and the flavors just mix well with each other.

The salt from bacon, with the tangy taste of sauerkraut. And eggs to add for protein. I had vegetarian sprinkles on top of the eggs just to add some texture and fun to the dish.

Bacon wrapped asparagus with eggs and sauerkraut

Another lazy 20 minute meal for Meatless Monday. I’ve been pushing myself to create recipes with less meat and more greens! Healthier choice ma! :) This one is made with Korean sweet potato noodles that I found in NTUC, carrots, pea shoots and fresh shitake mushrooms.

Vegetarian Sweet Potato noodles


That’s about it for now, hope these gives you some ideas to make at home when you’re in a rush to feed the growling tummies. Keeping the rest of the photos to post as recipes! :)