So on a whim, I made gluten free bread a few nights ago. It came out with the edges slightly charred, but still good enough to eat. I have been craving for bread for awhile now…. It happens all the time when you decide to go gluten free…. and that loaf baked at 2am in the morning certainly satisfied me.

I had nothing to spread on it except for the crunchy peanut butter I had that stashed at the side of my shelves. It really didn’t compliment the bread, but it helped me control the craving. After that bread, I wanted to work with more gluten free combinations to create even tastier bread that I could eat without worrying if my body could digest it. I needed to make something all natural, easy, and good enough to spread on the bread to compliment and enjoy as breakfast.

Strawberry Jam hissavvywife.com
Strawberry Jam

I had some leftover strawberries after getting them for my 2nd fermentation on my water kefir. Decided to make them into a jam that I could spread on my bread, and at the same time, be able to use them as a flavoring for my water kefir’s 2nd fermentation. Strawberry flavored soda pop, anyone?

I needed it to be simple, and all natural. There’s no need for useless additives in my life. Chia seeds are known to absorb the water and form a gelatinous layer around it, and I thought it would be perfect to thicken the cooked strawberries for me to use as jam. I whipped this up in about 15 mins. Using only strawberries, raw sugar, and chia seeds to thicken them.

Super simple, easy, and may I say it, HEALTHY! After all, its fruits right? And Chia seeds being a super food, this should be a Super Jam.

Low in calories.

High in fiber.

Source of Omega 3.

No processed sugar.

Yes, you may lick spoonfuls of this and not feel guilty. Top it on your cereal and oats. Its awesome with everything. Because its freshly made with love.

Overnight oats in milk kefir . Topped with blueberries & kiwi & this strawberry jam.