Settling in

Took a long time for me to update this blog eh?

So what was I up to in the last 4 months or so to neglect this blog?


Yes. We relocated back to USA and I swapped my priorities to do things I wanted to in the last couple of months in Singapore. Then moving here, it took me a whole load of time to settle in, set up my home, and be finally used to a routine. That took me awhile. The home is still a mess. (as always.) But getting day by day as we sort out where each item is supposed to go.

Organization takes skill man. And we’re lacking of it. 😉

Over the last couple of months, in SG particularly, we totally got into fishing and could not stop heading over to ORTO whenever we were available. The fishes there put up a good fight and neither of us could resist the fight at the other end of the line. I was hooked on the possibility of pulling up a fish 1/3 my size that took up probably every fiber of muscle I had in my arms and completely using up my body weight to keep that fish on.  The thrill is always worth the wait. I was completely hooked on fishing there and then.

Due to the relocation, we spent our time catching up with family and friends, packing up our items, and preparing our home for rental. The usual sequence. Very exhausting, but as I always say, worth the hassle, because the life here in USA, is what we’ve always preferred. We have time to build on our relationship without the worry of bills to pay, or splitting our time with all the requirements and expectations that friends and family have of us. It is not that we’re shying away from our responsibilities. But there is way too many functions that is happening in Singapore that everyone wants you to be a part of, and half of it, we attend, because we “have” to. Cuz its the “social norms”.

We left USA in November 2012. Back then I was a crazy couponer and was happy with all the free stuff I was getting without worrying about the quality of the items I was purchasing. My house was constantly stocked to the brim with years of supply for toothpaste, hair dye, tissue papers, canned food, and junk food. Fast forward 2015, I started being more conscious about what I was using. After the eczema and lung infection incidents, coupled with my stomach issues, I have started paying more attention to what I bring into my home.

I tend to scan through every ingredient list, making sure most of it were environmental friendly or at least not as harmful to my body. I try to buy organic whenever I can. Coupon-ing wasn’t the way to go now since there’s hardly much coupons when it comes to health foods. Instead, the prices tend to be hiked up since they are mostly sold as “health foods”. I mostly shop at Costco now for the rebates, and Whole Foods for the variety of foods that I can access to. Tried shopping at Trader Joes in Boise last weekend, but the store was quite small, also, I had stocked up most of my groceries in Costco before that.

My obsession never stops! Just got another cookbook. Ever since we moved here.. I've been doing plenty of research and "…

Posted by His Savvy Wife on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

As mentioned, I’ve done quite a bit of shopping lately, tasting and playing around with new products. As well as getting some new cookbooks. 😉 *guilty as charged*

Lots of reviews, thoughts & comparisons, as well as some hacks for the home to make life easier and happier coming up.

Will also be doing an announcement of something I have been working on for awhile, but had to put aside due to relocation. And maybe a giveaway if I find something that you’ll like!

Till then, be happy and get savvy!

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The Bus Stop.


Its been crazy weeks for me. I sometimes think if I’m just about ready to crash from the insanely amount of things going through my head. The paranoia as if I don’t seem to have enough time to complete my stuff and the paranoia of not having enough money to live and provide for a better future. I’ve been working on multiple projects and tasks and its always never ending. The fact is, we do have enough, but I can’t stop when I still have the energy to work harder, and build something for my own.

When I resigned from my JOB and started become a Stay Home Wife. I knew life would be slightly harder and I need to keep at it if I wanted to get away the crazy corporate routine with a price tag to my name. I also wanted to make more time for my family and husband since we are all working on irregular schedules.

Last week was my Dad’s birthday and I popped over to have lunch with him. Through lunch, I sat down and had a good long talk/chat with him. After lunch, I wanted to rush home to focus on my projects and work and get some stuff done off my to-do list. Yes it is a long list. Also I wanted to get on the bus before 5pm to avoid the peak hour ride home. I had only spent 3 hours with him and made my way to the bus stop.

While waiting for my bus to arrive, an old lady sat beside me. About 75 to 80 years old. She had 2 teeth left. Her face wrinkled and her cheeks sunk in. Her eyes weary. She sat there watching the cars go by. I smiled to her.





I asked her what bus is she taking. I was afraid she couldn’t see well and might miss her bus. I wanted to make sure she was on her bus and on her way home before I left.

She said is not waiting for the bus now, she wanted to take a break because she had nothing to do at home.

We conversed in my broken Hokkien mixed with Mandarin while she went all out dialect. My limited understanding did not stop her from trying to describe what she was thinking. She was patient with me, talking and explaining when I didn’t understand.

She stayed in Ang Mo Kio, one of her kids stayed in the same block as her, a couple of floors down. She got married in China and came over here with her family. 5 siblings. Her brothers had looked after her as they came over, as she was just a little girl then. She’s mostly alone and home and her eyes were tired from watching T.V everyday. She wanted to “come out and walk around, at least some movement and exercise was better than staying at home. ” She enjoyed walking the nearby estates just to see how much these places have changed since her time. In her time, there wasn’t that many buildings.


I asked her about her kids. They were all grown ups and working or running their own businesses. None of them had time for her. She was afraid to bother them as well, since most of them were busy making money. She said her eyesight was good, and how she can see the buses very clearly. We started to play a number game where she would tell me the buses that were coming and I would tell her if she was correct or wrong.

Her eyesight were really good! She was right most of the time. We sat there talking, playing, chatting. Her stories intrigued me. The history, her emotions. Her eyes were like windows to her soul. She went through a lot. I felt my own eyes water as I sat beside her.

After about 45 mins, and multiple buses passing, she turned around and asked me, why I’m not getting up on the buses. I avoided her question and just smiled. The truth is, I wanted to spend more time with her. To help her pass her time with a bit more joy. She asked me what bus I was waiting for and started looking out for me. Like a mother would, she hustled me up the bus when it arrived. I gave her a big hug and wished her all the best as I turned to board the bus with tears rolling off my cheeks.

The 1 hour with her… taught me so much… And if there’s something to take away from it…
Spend time with your family. Talk to them. Sometimes its not so much about how much money we have or how much we spend on them.

They want our companionship. They want someone to talk to. They want a purpose to live instead of being at home waiting for each day to go by.

This came to me at such a timely moment. On my dad’s birthday, where I only spent a couple of hours with him, and left him to rush home for work.


It didn’t give meaning to why I chose to be a stay home wife.

The time with her definitely left me something to think about.

How I’m spending my time & who I’m spending it with.

I did managed to get a seat on the bus even though it was peak hour.

Reached home at 7pm, with a priority shift, and alot to think about.