October is really flying fast!!!

I had all the intention to upload at least a good amount of my favorite Fall recipes.


I started with making pumpkin puree, then I made Pumpkin spice creamer for my everyday morning coffee.

Followed that with some gluten free pumpkin coffee cakes and pumpkin bread (recipes coming). I ate them faster than I could take photos of.

Even the husband couldn’t resist. We shared the remaining with the family.

My sourdough starter hasn’t been progressing well, but… they always say 3rd time’s a charm right? :)

Keeping my fingers crossed for the current 2 day old starter now.

My last post was how I made pumpkin puree from real pumpkins. I swear, after you try making your own, you’ll probably never want to get canned pumpkins ever again. The creaminess, oh so good. Fingers & paws-licking good, if you ask Cupid.

One of my goals when I started my cooking journey, and one that my husband reminds me often, is to cook mostly from scratch.

Whenever I walk towards the canned goods aisle in the supermarket, he will gently remind me that, “I thought u want to make food from scratch?”. (Of course we do still have frozen goods and processed foods in our home, for the emergency moments where I don’t have time to cook, and I need an Instant Hunger Relief. Food items that I can’t bring myself to prepare at home. (eg. Roti Prata that I occasionally crave for…. and I can’t freaking make it from scratch because I can’t flip a prata!)

I know its not so healthy, but I’m human too. I have cravings and there are times that I choose to give in and eat some, to satisfy my craving.

I love that I can roast these seeds at easily at home, effectively using the whole pumpkin, minimizing wastage, while getting another snack out of it. I enjoy snacking through the day, so having these roasted seeds on hand are a good way for me to curb my snacking tendencies. Pumpkin seeds are commonly found in health food stores for the benefits they provide.

pumpkin seeds facts

I used coconut oil for my seeds because of the high smoke point, and the additional benefits that coconut oil provides.

You will love the aroma it gives when you are baking these seeds. Just imagine a fragrant almost similar to potato chips from the salt on the seeds, combined with the coconut oil.

The end result did not disappoint. The seeds were delicious. Well, it has to be, because my husband loved them too. :)

Another frugal recipe to keep & use every Fall. (or whenever I get pumpkins!)

make at home pumpkin puree

Wooohooo! Its pumpkin season!!! Oh wait…

The season is Fall or Autumn, as known to some.

But to me… Its all about pumpkin… Pumpkin breads, pumpkin cheesecakes, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin everything!



This obsession started when I bought my first Libby’s pumpkin bread kit from Walmart.  Its a premix kit with everything provided. I had never tasted pumpkin bread before and it was on clearance, so I bought 1 kit, brought it home, added water, oil and eggs as per the recipe, and the result that came out, HEAVENLY.

 I fell in love with the sweetness, the fluffy cake texture and the spices in the cake. That was the first time I tasted pumpkin puree too. I’m born and grew up in Singapore, there’s no seasons or emphasis on pumpkins here. Well, not until we lived in U.S.A and every October, pumpkins will be everywhere.

Every October, Libby’s canned pumpkin will be available in every supermarket in the USA, and sales will go crazy around that one product. Its always sold out! I remember the one year they had terrible crop and it was hard to find pumpkin puree every where. I walked to the supermarket everyday and checked every shelves from commissary to Walmart and Albertsons.

I’ve been doing pretty much the same the last couple of weeks in Singapore. I was craving for pumpkin bread for the last couple of weeks now. Searched for pumpkin puree in NTUC and Cold Storage and check with the staff regarding Libby’s pumpkin. I bought some last year at NTUC. Seems like this year they would not have any stocked.

Frustrated, I went to Cold Storage to get the organic pumpkins instead. I’m determined to get my Pumpkin Puree and drink my Pumpkin Spice Latte, with or without Libby’s.

I’m pretty sure I can make some at home, without any of the preservatives the the canned version may have.

I bought 2 half pumpkins (because thats how they sold it in Singapore). Its enough to make 2 cups of pumpkin puree with some extra. Cupid enjoyed a few spoonfuls of it too. He loves pumpkin. I should have named him that had I known earlier.

I didn’t add anything to the pumpkin as we want to have the purest version possible and add according to the recipe we will use it for. This way, I can even use some for Cupid’s dinner without worrying about any additions contaminating the food.

I’m using the freezer to preserve the pumpkin puree, any additions may change the texture or taste of the end product, and we do not want that.

The pumpkin puree came out much better than I expected! Sweet, creamy and absolutely delicious. Without adding anything. Pure pumpkin. Love it!

make at home pumpkin puree

I’m was so tempted to just add some coconut milk and make it a soup right there and then.

After this experiment, I went out and bought another 3 huge half pumpkins and made more puree. I have 7 cups in my freezer now….

And I’m also drinking pumpkin spice lattes everyday.

Life is pumpkin good.