anthing goes chicken soup

The weather has been kind of quirky these couple of days. Was chilly for a moment, then super hot and sunny for a moment, and then showers again. In my mind I was visualizing the raindrops hitting the ground, then the water evaporating, forming clouds above, then creating rain again. Yes, I’m imaginative like that. But isn’t this what all our schools use to teach us?

It was chilly for a  moment, and sunny the next. Doesn’t help that the sun was reflected by the apartment blocks opposite of mine. Sometimes I wonder if I would actually get a tan from that. In a chilly moment, I decided to cook soup, and defrosted the chicken from the freezer. The thing about this soup? So flexible. That’s why its called Anything Goes. You can throw whatever you have in your vegetable drawer and still make it a nice soup. Its light, its warm, and it comforts me. Perfect for days like these.

We’ve had days where I made this as supper simply by adding pasta to the soup. You can load up the soup with more vegetables or add some pork cubes to create another dimension of flavor, It can be a meal on its own with just a side of rice. I love this soup. Its one of the first dishes that I learnt and its one that reminds us both of home.

Every time either of us travels, this is the dish that I’ll cook on the return, its like a welcome home dish. A dish that grounds us and gives us the comfort of home.

Feel free to add anything that you love, and take away anything that you don’t! Bon Appetit!

anthing goes chicken soup