Fermenting Superstitions

So I called up my Mom and we were talking about fermenting and the Asian traditions. I was telling her about how I’ve started my current veggie ferments and that my kombucha is on its way. Apparently, these stuff has some superstitions to it. Or like what Singaporeans say, ‘Pantang’.

I’m not too sure where these ideas originated, but she told me I cannot start a new batch when I am having my period. It will spoil the brew and I will have to throw it away. Its said that when you start a batch, as you mix the ingredients, you have to be clear and pure. It seems that many Asian cultures believe that when a woman is at that time of the month, she is ‘dirty’ or not pure. For eg, women are not supposed to enter places of worship during their periods, because the blood flowing out is dirty and she is suppose to let her body cleanse herself before she can enter the sacred places.

She also told me that the elderly women do better ferments because they are going into their menopause. I always knew the older folks do better ferments, but I always thought it was due to experience and knowledge in whatever they were doing!

Personally, I believe in happy & positive thoughts when brewing, creates a good booch. The law of attraction, right?  Talking and encouraging your cultures, may sometimes help too. I’m guilty of both! And I don’t think I’m the only one. I don’t think anybody would understand it unless they are fermenters themselves. Our cultures are like our pets. We look after them, we feed them, they grow, and return us with good health. We give them pet names, buy them good ‘homes’,  lovely glass jars & crockpots and watch them grow.

Fermenters! If you are reading this… Do you know of any other superstitions with regards to fermenting? What are some of the things you do that are considered ‘superstitious’ when you are starting a new batch? I’d love to know, please drop me a message or comment below.

Stay happy & keep brewing!