[Product Review] DOB Wine Bottle Pourer & Aerator Accessory

I’m going to start off by saying I’m not a wine connoisseur so please do not expect me to delve deep into the details of how this works or what notes came out of my wine after using this aerator. This is not how it works for me. I may read more about it in the future, but at this moment, I’m one who enjoys a glass or 2 at night before going to bed or during the weekends. I usually drink white wine because they tend to have sweeter notes compared to red wine, which are more tannic.

I’ve read before that you need to let your wine breathe a little before you drink it to allow the flavors to settle and the taste would usually come out better. I always thought that allowing it to sit on the table for 5 minutes after removing the cork is enough. I’ve never really thought much about it, other than the fact that red wine might not be the wine for me, unless they were made sweet, or they were the more mature versions where the tastes were more flavorful. The problem is, the mature wines usually cost so much more and I’ve tried bottles that run into the hundreds of dollars. Although the were good, they weren’t so good on my pocket. :(

Lately there have been a lot of talk about wine aerators, which is a wine accessory that you can add on the mouth of the bottle to allow the wine to ‘breathe’ before enjoying. Normally the wines that need aerating are the red wines and some white wines. You can read more about wine aeration HERE.  Supposedly by exposing the wine to oxygen right before drinking allows it to open up its flavors and comfortable settle into its taste and character.

I’m so thankful to be given the opportunity to review this DOB Wine Bottle Pourer Wine Aerator Pourer , because it really was an eye opener and I absolutely LOVE it!

DOB Wine aerator pourer
Took this picture from their Amazon profile

Before I go into details of my experience with this aerator, here’s a quick product description from the company itself:

Enjoy tasting wine instantly: With the DOB Wine Aerating Pourer there is no need to wait for 30 minutes for your wine to breathe like with a traditional decanter. Unique design:

Features a removable splash-guard to allow air in but does not let wine out and features an air intake system to aerate as you pour .

Convenience: Fits onto your bottle for a one-hand operation. Dripless pour spout.

Easy to clean, just run under hot water. Safety: Made of Food-grade ABS material + silicone.

All raw materials passed SGS test.

Specifications: Pruduct Itself: Length of 6.2in ; Weight of 40g; Packing Size: 7.5*2.6*2.2in; Weight of 140g.

We Are The Best Wine Aerators
The reason why we’re comfortable saying this is because a lot of time was spent on the design and performance of the product with the emphasis on correcting some of the flaws of other products you might see on the market

Why we need use wine aerator:
1. Wine needs to breathe before drinking because the original wine taste is bitter.
2. Wine aerator can help to get rid of the tannin, enhance wine flavor, get better aroma and pleasant finish.
3. People use decanter to aerate the wine traditionally but it is time-consuming,normally need to wait half an hour before drinking.
4. Wine aerator’s design speeds up this process with easy and convenience, you can enjoy your wine from the very first sip.

How it works:
1. Simply open the bottle, attach the aerating pourer to the bottle, and gently pour as much as you need and get ready to enjoy.
2. As the red wine passes through the dispenser, it instantly oxygenates the wine bringing out the complex flavors and aromatic bouquets.
3. Enjoy smelling and tasting.

The ideal gift:
Looking for wedding favors, or the perfect gift or gadget for wine lovers? The DOB Wine Aerator is the best for anyone that enjoys wine whether it is a present for a holiday, birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other special occasion.

Package Includes:
1 * DOB Wine Aerating Pourer

DOB Wine aerator review
Took this picture from their Amazon profile

Here comes the fun part! What did I think of it??!?

I’m sure you can tell by the way I’m actually typing out this post that I’m really excited about this product. And why should I not be? This product made my chill out sessions look classy and taste so much better!

This is a beautifully made aerator. The design of it is simple and classy. I took the excuse of reviewing this aerator to open a bottle of red wine and was so glad I did. :) I mostly drink white wine because I like the sweetness and was always worried that red wine had a “bite” to it. I’m not a wine connoisseur so please excuse me for not having the proper terminology.

Like I said, i’m not a wine pro, so I simply took a bottle off the shelves and tried that based on the design on the labels. I took 2 glasses without the aerator and the remaining with the aerator. Trust me, there is a difference. As I was pouring the wine, the bubbles can be seen going in through the small air holes and into the bottle. The seal around the cap was good, there were no leaks at all. I was worried about that because the cap was bigger than the mouth of the bottle.

Bottle of wine with aerator
The wine I enjoyed with the aerator. Yums!

The 2 glasses without the aerator had that strong bite ( i have no idea how to describe that taste, but it is due to the tannins present in red wine) that reminded me why I normally avoided reds. I did allow the bottle to rest for 5 mins after I opened it. After adding the aerator, the wine was so much smoother and subsequent glasses really brought out the tones of the wine. The “bite” that I mentioned earlier on, was more subtle and I was able to enjoy the wine so much better.

This is my first time using an aerator for my wine, and you can definitely tell, I’ll never drink another bottle of red without it anymore.

Go check it out here: DOB Wine Bottle Pourer Wine Aerator Pourer . This makes the perfect gift for wine lovers this holiday season.

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kombucha tips 30

Day 30!! We are officially wrapping up this entire 30 days of kombucha challenge. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. While most recipes and ideas are simple, they weren’t something that came to mind when I first started kombucha. I had the routine of brewing and drinking, and that’s about it. Quite a few times you’ll see people posting in the forums about not knowing what to do with their kombucha that has gone too sour. Or if their brew is going faster than they can drink. I had that happening in my home quite a few times now.

Today’s we end the challenge with a kombucha spritzer to welcome our October’s Halloween & Autumn Fun theme.

His savvy wife facebook cover

I have a feeling for those of us whose spouses don’t approve Kombucha as much as we hoped for, this might just bring them in. My husband did well with the smoothie, and my guess is this recipe will provide a nice kick into getting him reach for more kombucha on his own. And if that doesn’t do it, at least I know I’ll have less of a hangover drinking this spritzer than knocking back wine glasses. Instead of comfort foods, we now have comfort kombucha for adults.

Drink up, my friends. You’ll probably make one of these every weekend this Fall.

Make this about 8 hours in advance and allow the flavors to blend before serving.

It is important to use a fine strainer to strain before you pour into serving glasses. You don’t want to serve the yeast strains to your guests.

One of the best things about this, if you’re using a screw top wine bottle, you can keep the bottle for use in your future bottling. :)

kombucha tips 30